Educational Foundations Department

Meet Your Faculty

Dr. Elizabeth Blair


Assistant Professor

Winther 6049


Liz Blair teaches psychological and social foundations courses for undergraduate and graduate students. As a teacher educator, Liz aims to support preservice teachers to understand the centrality of authentic relationships and critical, reflective practice to promote equity and support the success of all students. Her interdisciplinary scholarship explores connections between student identity development, achievement, and student and teacher relationships in K-16 settings, with a particular focus on gender identity and equity. Liz's research has appeared in journals including Teachers College Record, Teaching and Teacher Education, Gender and Education, and the Journal of Engineering Education, and she co-edited the volume Education and War (Harvard Education Press).

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Dr. Beth King


Department Chair and Associate Professor

Winther 6059


Sarah Beth Nelson Headshot

Dr. Sarah Beth Nelson


Assistant Professor

Winther 6036


Sarah Beth Nelson is an Assistant Professor of Library Media at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Before becoming a professor, Sarah Beth worked in public and school libraries. In addition to researching oral information, she studies the American reality (true, personal, edgy) storytelling movement. Sarah Beth also performs as a storyteller in fringes, festivals, and open mic events.

Dr. Scott J Peters


Professor of Assessment and Research Methodology

Winther 6052


Scott J. Peters is a Professor of Assessment and Research Methodology at the University of Wisconsin – Whitewater. His research work focuses on educational assessment and data use, gifted and talented student identification, equity within advanced educational opportunities, and educational policy.


Jenni Petersen Headshot

Dr. Jenni Petersen


Associate Professor

Winther 6043


Jenni Petersen primarily teaches courses related to human development - EdFound 222, EdFound 230, and EduIndp 213. This interest in development has driven Dr. Petersen to lead a program called Project BIGG (Bridging the InterGenerational Gap), which connects seniors at Fairhaven Senior Center with preschoolers at UWW Children’s Center. Dr. Petersen is originally from Memphis, Tennessee, but moved to Madison, Wisconsin to attend graduate school and loved it so much that she never left. She has three young children whom she loves to talk about in class.

Dr. Laura Krystal Porterfield


Associate Professor

Winther 6053


I am an Associate Professor of Educational Foundations and the Coordinator of the Urban Education program at UW-Whitewater. I also hold an affiliated facultyship in the department of Women's and Gender Studies. My fundamental belief and philosophy is that education is a human and civil right. I believe that in order to hold the best of the world up for young folks, every one of them must have equal access to a high-quality, life-affirming educational experience. They must have a good teacher who recognizes their humanity and feeds their curiosities.

Jake Krueger


Jake is a Secondary Math and Computer Science Education major at the university, and works part-time for the Education Foundations Department. You may also recognize Jake from his work as an Honors Program Intern, as well as serving as Co-President of Aspiring Educators on campus during the 2019-2020 academic year. In his work in the EdFound department, Jake works with digital media like the department website.