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These resources are organized to provide support for our current cooperating teachers. If you are interested in hosting a teacher candidate, the first step would be to let your building administrator know of your interest. Requets for cooperating teachers start with communication from the Office of Field Experiences to the building administrator.

Student Teaching

Role and Responsibilities of the University Supervisor

Pre-teaching Period

  • Serves as a Liaison Between the University and Cooperating School
  • Provides a communication link between the university and the cooperating school and clarifies for the cooperating teacher the goals and objectives for student teaching.
  • Orients newly appointed cooperating teachers to their roles.
  • Communicates any suggestions made by cooperating teachers to appropriate personnel of the university.
  • Maintains communication with the administration of the cooperating school to enlist its assistance in the development of the student teaching program.
  • Functions as consultant or resource person to school administrators, curriculum directors, directors of instruction, and cooperating teachers. 

Student Teaching Period


  1. Makes a minimum of four visits of at least one hour in length to observe the undergraduate student teacher during the student teaching period. - or - Spends a minimum of six hours with each graduate practicum student, consisting of at least two on-site visits.
    Schedules visits based on the weekly schedules provided them by student teachers. The initial visits may be arranged in advance with the student teachers and/or cooperating teachers. Some or all visits may be unannounced.
    Shares teaching and learning experiences in the classroom with student teachers and cooperating teachers.
    Confers regularly with the student teacher and the cooperating teacher through three-way (student teacher, cooperating teacher, and university supervisor) or two-way (university supervisor and student teacher or cooperating teacher) conferences.


  1. Discusses with the student teacher logs, journals, or lesson plans which the student teacher has prepared and which may be required by the university supervisor.
  2. Discusses with the student teacher teaching/learning experiences.
  3. Confers regularly with the cooperating teacher.
  4. Reviews cumulative notes or observations made available by the cooperating teacher.
  5. Provides continuous reinforcement and encouragement.
  6. Assists the cooperating teacher in writing the final statement of reference.
  7. Completes an observation report signed by the student teacher for each of a minimum of four visits and a written statement of reference. The observation reports and written statement of reference must be submitted to the Office of Field Experiences within thirty days following the last day of the student teaching assignment.
  8. Conducts at least two conferences with the student teacher and the cooperating teacher.
  9. Determines a final grade for student teaching (Satisfactory or No Credit) in consultation with the cooperating teacher.
  10. Informs the Director of Field Experiences regarding special situations that may arise and areas of concern.