First Year Experience

Transfer New Student Seminar

This course is designed to help students make a positive adjustment to college through discussing, writing, and critically thinking about a variety of relevant topics, engaging with faculty and other students in class, and attending university events and programs. Students will explore the purposes of higher education and the expectations of an academic community; review the university’s resources, policies, and procedures; investigate personal interests and strengths while setting academic and personal goals; and explore one’s identity and the multiple dimensions of diversity.

Through actively participating in New Student Seminar you will be able to:

Connect to the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater

  • Describe what it means to be a “Warhawk” in context of the University’s mission, history and traditions
  • Identify and access the campus resources available to support your transition to University life
  • Understand the importance of participating in the University community
  • Identify ways to participate in co-curricular activities
  • Develop interpersonal skills and build positive relationships with peers, staff and faculty

Achieve academic success

  •  Use critical thinking and self-reflection to engage with course content
  • Describe the purposes of higher education and the value of LEAP (Liberal Education America’s Promise)
  • Select and apply learning strategies and skills
  • Practice time management and priority setting
  • Use written and oral communication to discover, develop, and articulate ideas and viewpoints

Success in a changing world

  • Understand your rights and responsibilities and what it means to be a responsible member of the University community
  •  Recognize the personal, social, and environmental impact of your choices
  •  Describe how background, identity, experiences, and social context influences your perspective
  •  Appreciate others’ backgrounds, social identities, and experiences
  •  Explore personal and career goals

When you meet with your academic adviser at Warhawks SOAR (Student Orientation, Advising, and Registration) ask for the New Student Seminar. You will be glad that you did!


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