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If you're ready to take your first step toward your successful future, then it's time to apply for admission to graduate school. Whether you're looking to improve your expertise, stand out in your field, or grow your earning potential, starting the grad school admissions process will set you off on the road to success.

Graduate School Admissions

There are five key steps to complete the graduate school admissions process:

  1. Check for deadlines. Make sure you know the dates!
  2. Carefully read the admissions requirements.
  3. Fill out the application. Make sure you sign it!
  4. Include all required documents.
  5. Check with individual programs for any additional requirements they have for applicants.

Graduate Exams

Most of our programs do not require graduate entrance exams. In some cases, graduate entrance exams can be used instead of satisfying other requirements. Each program page will have the admission details for that program, so be sure to familiarize yourself with their requirements. 

Admission Information

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Frequently Asked Questions


It’s easy to assume that you could get lost in the process of application and be seen as just another number. And, at some institutions, that may be the case; but not at UW-Whitewater. Here, we work with you to make sure you are admitted and on your path to success quickly and easily. This is not an automated process. A living, breathing member of our staff will review your application to ensure the best fit.

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No. The application fee is a one-time charge. The official transcripts are kept on file until a master's degree is completed.

Once an application is complete (i.e., paid application fee, completed application, received official transcripts), the School of Graduate Studies makes a "School of Graduate Studies admission decision" (i.e., admit in "good standing" or admit "contingently") and forwards the material to the program coordinator for a "program-level" admission decision. Applicants are encouraged to contact the coordinator of the graduate program to determine if the program has received all of the application materials they require (i.e., letters of recommendation, test scores, etc.).

All of the materials required by the School of Graduate Studies (i.e., paid application fee, completed application, official transcripts) have been received, reviewed, and forwarded to the program coordinator for their admission decision.

At least, a 2.75 cumulative undergraduate grade point average; at least, a 2.90 cumulative undergraduate grade point average in the last half of the undergraduate degree program; a master's degree or higher from an institution regionally accredited at the graduate-level; or to have completed, at least, 12 graduate-level credits at UW-Whitewater with a cumulative graduate grade point average of 3.0 or higher.

After all the required application materials have been received, it normally takes one to two weeks for a student to be admitted. However, programs with a set deadline (i.e., Counseling, Communication Sciences and Disorders, and School Psychology) typically notify applicants within one month after their respective deadlines.

Submitting Transcripts

A transcript with an official university seal that is in a sealed envelope from the university or sent electronically directly from the university.

Only if the transcript is official (i.e., it has an official college/university seal) and is in a sealed envelope from the university.

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No. Graduate School policy dictates that only transcripts with a university seal, delivered in a sealed envelope from the university or one sent electronically directly from the university, can be considered an "official" transcript.

No. The School of Graduate Studies will order transcripts from the Registrar's Office for you.


The School of Graduate Studies permits a maximum of twelve (12) graduate credits to be transferred in to a degree program from another university. They are to be equivalent to the UW-Whitewater courses and appropriate to the program. The term of the earliest course transferred to the program marks the beginning of the seven years permitted to complete the degree.

After you have received an official letter of admission from the Office of Graduate Studies.

Students have seven years in which to complete their degree program. The seven years are measured from the beginning of the term for which they are admitted at UW-Whitewater.  In the case of students transferring courses into their UW-W degree program, the seven years begins in the term of the first course to be included in the degree.  These include courses completed as a non-candidate for degree student or in a prior graduate program.

Based upon good cause, students may request an extension of the seven year time limit. Such requests should be made in writing, should include the reasons for which the request is being made, and should be directed to the student's degree program coordinator.