School of Graduate Studies

Transfer Credit Forms

A transfer credit form must be used to obtain approval for the transfer of credits.  All course work, with the exception of up to twelve credits, must be completed at UW-Whitewater. Students who have already been admitted to a degree program here and who wish to take a course at another institution and have it transferred to UW-Whitewater, must obtain permission prior to enrolling in the course. The institution at which the student wishes to earn graduate credit may also require documentation of the student's graduate status at UW-Whitewater. 

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Within the twelve credit transfer limit, credit for a course completed at another institution may be transferred to UW-Whitewater and applied toward a graduate degree provided: (1) the institution offering the course is regionally accredited at the graduate level, (2) the course appears as a graduate course on the student’s graduate transcript from the institution offering the course, (3) the course is applicable toward a graduate degree at the institution offering the course, (4) the course is appropriate for the student’s proposed graduate degree program at UW-Whitewater, (5) the course is not a correspondence course, nor is it taught in a format less rigorous than that for UW-Whitewater courses*, and (6) the student earned a grade of at least B (3.00) for the course. 

*Graduate coursework from UW-Whitewater and those accepted in academic transfer from other accredited institutions must conform to the time-based educational attainment in accordance with the Carnegie Unit: a minimum of sixteen contact hours, plus the provision for at least 32 hours of student preparation and out-of-class activity, per credit. 


  1. Photocopy of catalogue course description
  2. Course syllabus
  3. Verification that the course is a graduate course
  4. Verification that the course is applicable to a graduate program at the institution offering the course
  5. Official Graduate Transcipt from the institution where the course was taken
  6. Submit one complete pdf file for each course.  Organize pdf  in the following order:
    • Transfer credit request form
    • Copy of course description
    • Syllabus

This form must be completed for each course for which a request for transfer is made