School of Graduate Studies

Sara Soleymani-Alizadeh

"I am currently working in New Zealand in an area where the cultural practices, beliefs, and tribal systems of their indigenous people (Maori) is actively embedded within the New Zealand European culture here and very much alive. I get to support with creating systems and work with individuals where I see beautiful differences have become grounds for growth when it’s cultivated with love and acceptance. Prior to New Zealand, I worked in Milwaukee Public Schools for 11 years, where building connections and relationships were again at the center of my professional practice. The importance I see in building relationships and connections no matter where I go in my professional career, is at the core of what I gained during my time in my graduate program. The faculty there didn’t just pass on knowledge to us. They connected, they cared and supported me through all ups and downs and still do years later. Because of them and my time at UWW, now 1000’s of children all over the world are being impacted and for that I’m forever grateful."

Sara is a 2012 graduate of the School of Psychology Program

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