School of Graduate Studies

Tracy Douglas

I chose the UW-Whitewater School of Graduate studies because of the strength of the program and its incredibly con-venient proximity. I feel especially grateful to have gotten to be a part of the Counselor Education program because of the wonderful relationships I made with my fellow students and the faculty while I was in school and the colleagues I gained during my internship and in acquiring my hours for licensure after I left who are connected to UW-Whitewater. These relationships have endured and deepened and I’m so inspired by our common mission of helping individuals and our community.

An experience that was especially meaningful to me was getting to work with Dr. Brenda O’Beirne on bringing an Emotionally Focused Training to UW-Whitewater that was attended by current and past students and people from all over the state who were interested in this approach. It’s fan-tastic to be a part of a strong network of supportive, caring people.

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