LGBTQ Alumni

Campus History

For decades, LGBTQ students at UW-Whitewater have been active advocates on campus and in their communities. Students started the very first LGBTQ campus organization in 1988. Then called the Gay Student Union, youth leaders saw a need to provide gay students with community support. The organization underwent a number of name changes to signal their updated priorities—from the Gay/Lesbian Student Union, to the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Student Union, until allies were overtly invited into the organization in 1996 when IMPACT: LGBTQ & Allies was formed.

Now over thirty years later, the opportunities intended for LGBTQ and ally Warhawks has transformed. Students can socialize in the PB Poorman Pride Center, join an LGBTQ learning community, take LGBTQ Studies courses, and are employed as LGBTQ student leaders.

Yet, LGBTQ alumni have consistently expressed an interest in building a pathway for them to reconnect to campus, network with each other, and provide mentorship to current students. Thanks to the commitment of our LGBTQ alumni--we can offer such platforms and opportunities.

Opportunities to Connect

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Your gifts to the PB Poorman Pride Center General Fund, Tom Affholder LGBT Leadership Award, or the Gender & LGBTQ Studies Scholarship directly benefit LGBTQ and ally students -- their success, sense of belonging, and future. Read more >>

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