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Edric Johnson

October 13, 2021

Video by Jeffrey Pohorski

In WHY I TEACH, Edric Johnson, a professor of curriculum and instruction at UW-Whitewater, sees teaching as a performing art and helps future elementary and middle school teachers integrate drama in their classrooms. It’s about helping them be better teachers — and the bravest version of themselves.

"Being on stage is sort of used as a metaphor. Their stage is their classroom. I always profess that teaching is a performing art. And they are going to spark imagination with their students by being in the role themselves."

(UW-Whitewater video by Jeffrey Pohorski)


WHY I TEACH is a series about the dedicated professionals at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, including professors, coaches, advisors and other staff members, who make every day a teachable moment — and every place a learning place — by their expertise and example.

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