University Committees

Chancellor's Committee on Student Success


The Chancellor’s Committee on Student Success is an advisory committee composed of a broad network of university stakeholders dedicated to holistic student success. This committee will champion a collective university culture for student success, empower continuous improvement, and ensure collaboration across divisions.

This committee will:

  • Define the term student success at UW-Whitewater and craft a bold vision statement to achieve it. To complete this, the committee will also define the institution’s measures for student success, review data for those measures, and identify threats and opportunities within the data.
  • Identify items within the 2023-28 strategic plan that best align with the committee’s vision for student success. Monitor and review the progress of those items, ensuring all divisions are best supporting the teams executing those items, as well as the timely progress of their completion.
  • Establish a Student Success Council to coordinate continuous improvement in student success. This council, guided by the committee’s vision statement, will meet to coordinate and operationalize their collective efforts to achieve the committee’s vision for student success. This coordination could include, but not be limited to, identifying processes and policies that are barriers to student persistence, timely graduation, and personal achievement, and coordinating cross-functional efforts to remedy those challenges.
  • Identify opportunities to invest in expanding proven, successful ongoing initiatives with measurable return on investment.  To support these investments, review prior investments in initiatives that may longer be meeting current students’ needs or whose resources could be reallocated into areas that have even greater potential for success.