If you have a general question, feel free to contact our office at 262-472-1320, or email


Greg Swanson, Director FP&M
Phone: 262.472.6703

Office Support

Business Support functions include campus procurement, procurement card programming, telecommunications, transportation, mail operations, receiving, stores warehouse operations, surplus property, and financial management.

Joe Kolosso, Financial Specialist
Phone: 262.472.5545

Campus Planning activities include site and structural programming, design, engineering, specification and installation oversight for campus capital improvements and additions. Campus Planning also performs Physical Development Planning and Long Range Maintenance Planning functions.

Tami McCullough, Campus Planner
Phone: 262.472.6704

Jeff Klamik, Facilities Engineer
Phone: 262.472.6729

Pat Jankowski, Project Coordinator
Phone: 262.472.5554


IS Tech Support Services include network system administration, Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS-TMA) administration and support, computer systems hardware and software support.

Richard VanSchoonhoven, CMMS Administrator
Phone: 262.472.6707

Academic Zone Maintenance Services include custodial services, event support services, preventive and corrective maintenance services, delegated project oversight.

Dave Soliz, Buildings & Grounds Supervisor
Phone: 262.472.5553

Central Maintenance Pool / Campus Construction operations includes services for corrective maintenance, repair and installation of electrical systems, plumbing systems, alarm systems, key and access control, HVAC systems, and construction activities including remodeling, renovation, retrofitting and capital projects.

Ken Kramer, Crafts Supervisor
Phone: 262.472.6706

Grounds operations functions include lawn maintenance, planting beds maintenance and installation, tree maintenance, event support equipment delivery, campus and service fleet vehicle maintenance, capital equipment maintenance and repair, snow removal.

Steve Bertagnolli, Grounds Supervisor
Phone: 262.472.6721

Power Plant operations include energy management, steam system management, heating and cooling systems maintenance and installation, heating and cooling control systems maintenance and management.

Paul Walton, Power Plant Superintendent
Phone: 262.472.6728

Sustainability includes programs and activities associated with energy management, energy conservation, and global climate response.

Wesley Enterline, Sustainability Coordinator
Phone: 262.472.6709