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Mail Center

All mail picked up or dropped off today is processed for delivery tomorrow for inter-campus mail and sent downtown today if it is at our service center before 3:10 PM. Packages should be at our service center by 2:00 PM. Package couriers schedules vary from day to day, depending on their volume, so we are unable to give exact times of their pick up.


  • Addressing, List Maintenance, Address Correction
  • Folding, Insertion (Envelope Stuffing)
  • Envelope Sealing & Postage Metering
  • Labeling Or Direct Impression Addressing
  • Custom Bulk Mail Services For Flats & Letters
  • Sorting Of Incoming Mail
  • Delivering / Picking Up Departmental Mail
  • Certified / Registered / Return Receipt Mail
  • UPS Ground & Air Services
  • Fast Forward Service

Mail Procedures

  1. Mail pickup and delivery routes with designated times have been established and posted in building designated mailrooms. Samples of both intercom envelopes and UPS tags have also been placed in all mailrooms.
  2. Urgent First class mail needing to be sent after the pickup and delivery routes can be deposited in the University Center outgoing mailbox before 2:30pm.
  3. While the US Postal Service is obligated to deliver mail to the University, it does not do so, until around 3:00pm. This would result in a one-day delay in the delivery to the department. Consequently, all mail is picked up at the downtown post office twice a day (three times on Mondays) by the Mail Center.
  4. Mail sorting operations by students are randomly checked to assure accuracy. The checks are done more frequently at the beginning of each semester when new students begin work.
  5. Large bulk mailings (more than 4 trays) are picked up at the department to save handling time. This is done, as mentioned before, in coordination with our delivery driver.
  6. UPS outgoing services are now segregated from regular mail and processed as received. All outgoing packages are counted and signed off when the UPS arrives for pickup.

Address Layout

Our top priority is to provide you with quality services to expedite the distribution of documents and information as quickly and cost effectively as possible. We can serve you better if you are well informed and following the address layouts listed below will help us help you...

Inbound Mailing Address:
Individuals Name
Department Name
800 W. Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190
Inbound Package Address
Individuals Name
Department Name
800 W. Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190
Inbound Student Mail
Individuals Name
Street Address
Room Number
Whitewater, WI 53190
Inter-Campus Mail Address
Individuals Name
Department Name

*All campus mail is picked up and delivered. Your building's mail should be ready when we deliver.

Please Follow These Steps:

  1. First class mail should be bound with rubber bands and must show a department user code. Please fold the flaps down on standard size (#10) business envelopes. Envelopes larger than #10 must be sealed and addressed so the flap is to the right. #10 business envelopes used for inter-campus mail often have postage applied and are sent downtown. To avoid this expense and delay, use only intercom envelopes for inter- campus mail.
  2. International and personal mail should be banded separately. All personal mail must have the proper postage applied. Stamps are available in the University Center and Campus Bookstore.
  3. Please call our service center if you have large mailings or packages for our pick up. If we know ahead of time, we can bring a cart.
  4. The United States Postal Service has made many changes in mail handling and therefore many changes are required in the way we prepare our mail. Postal services will be happy to advise you on mail piece design, proper addressing as well as cost effective ways to distribute your documents. Please call 472-1321 ext. 3047 or stop by our service center.

Ways to Save Money

  1. Eliminate hand printed or hand addressed mail
  2. Use the correct mailing address with the Department, Suite, Floor, one letter directional's and complete zip+4 whenever possible. Use upper case letters with no punctuation except for a dash between the zip and the plus 4.
  3. Use fixed pitch, evenly spaced characters rather than proportional fonts. (All characters take the same amount of space.)
  4. Align all characters to the left. Do not center.
  5. Place the address no higher than 2 3/4" from the bottom of the envelope.
  6. Eliminate extraneous print around and especially to the left of the address. Keep all space clear to the left, right, and below the address.
  7. Be sure the address is fully visible in window envelopes and doesn't slip out of sight if jogged up, down or sideways. Extraneous print must not be visible through the window.

Postage discounts will not be available if the above provisions are not met and if folded mailings without envelopes are stapled and not tabbed or taped.

Additional postage discounts will be available if your address file has been processed by Postal Services within the past six months (for automated bulk mailings).