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Alumni Email FAQs

For help in establishing your alumni (Warhawk4Life) email account or logging in to the service, contact the TSC Helpdesk.

For problems or questions using a Google alumni account (created before December 2013), please review Google's extensive online help at

The transition from your student account to Warhawk4Life should be seamless. If you are currently using your student account on your phone there should be no changes. For information on how to set up your phone visit

NOTE - Google Alumni Account Users (created before December 2013) are unable to set up their account on their mobile device. 

If you graduated in 2006 or later, and have maintained an active password for your UW-W Net-ID, click the sign up link found on the alumni webpage.

If you do not sign up for a Warhawk4Life email account within six months after you graduate your student email account will be deleted.

NOTE: Accounts that have not been logged into every 180 days will be deleted.

If you have not yet enrolled for the Warhawk4Life service and you do not wish to participate, simply do nothing. Your UW-Whitewater email account will expire approximately six months after your graduation date.

If you have enrolled for the Warhawk4Life service and have decided that you do not wish to use the service any longer, contact the TSC Helpdesk to request that your service be discontinued.

The Warhawk4Life service uses your campus Net-ID and password, and is subject to campus Net-ID and network use policies. These policies are available at

To ensure that your password remains secure over time, you must change it every six months. You can change your password at

You can reset your own password at If you are unable to reset your own password, you can contact the TSC Helpdesk.

The storage amount for your Warhawk4Life account will remain the same as your UW-Whitewater student account (300 MB.

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