College of Arts and Communication 

Dean's Office:

Robert Mertens, Interim Dean
Phone: 262-472-1221  email:

Associate Dean's Office
Jane Ferencz, Interim Associate Dean
Phone:262-472-1934  email:

Barbara Grubel, Interim Associate Dean
Phone:262-472-1934  email:

College of Arts and Communcation Events: 
Sarah Altermatt, Director of Public Events
Phone:262-472-5943  email:

Leslie LaMuro, Associate Director of Public Events
Phone:262-472-1228  email:

Ticket Services: 262-472-2222 or online

Email: College of Arts and Communcation Webmaster


Greenhill Center of the Arts (Dean/staff, Art and Design, Music, Theatre/Dance)

Heidi Hall (Communication)

McGraw Hall (MAGD)

Anderson Library (TV/Radio)


Center of the Arts
950 W. Main Street
Whitewater, WI 53190

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