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  • Community-Based Learning Fellows Program

    Faculty members interested in developing a Service-Learning course can apply to the Community-Based Learning (CBL) Fellows Program. CBL Fellows meet regularly throughout the fall and spring semester to discuss readings and develop skills to make service-learning a successful experience for students. (PDF)

  • Service-Learning Seminars

    For faculty members interested in learning more about developing a service-learning course, this seminar will answer questions and help you get started. Date TBA
  • Funding

    The UW-Whitewater School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education, in partnership with the Undergraduate Research Program; awards up to four Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships in Community Based Research (SURF-CBR) of $3,500 each to support community-based research in the state of Wisconsin.  In addition, up to $500 funding for supplies, services and travel expenses may be available.  Mentors of selected research fellows will receive a summer stipend of $2,500. Grants/Funding Engaged Scholarship Grants: The School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education announces the availability of funding to support pilot initiatives that establish or enhance UW-Whitewater relationships with community partners in Southeastern Wisconsin for the purpose of addressing critical regional needs.

    The Home Depot Foundation offers grants up to $5,000 to public service agencies that are using the power of volunteers to improve the physical health of their community. Applications are due December 31st, 2016.
  • Local Events

    • Community Breakfast - At this networking event, UW-Whitewater professors and representatives from local community agencies will be given the opportunity to discuss current needs and create partnerships for future collaborative service learning and/or community based research projects.
      • October 3, 2017
      • 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.
      • Faculty/Staff register here
      • Community Agencies register here
    • LEARN Center Workshop - CBL Fellows, who have been participating in a year-long program to develop or redesign their course will share their projects, successes and challenges.
      • November 2017
      • Check back frequently for registration link
  • Regional Events

    • Check back later for more events
  • National Events

    • Webinar Series - Western Region Campus Compact 2016-2017
      • Date: Ongoing
      • Location: Your Choice
      • Event: Ongoing webinars have been created in order to highlight innovations and deep thinking in strategic priority areas of the Campus Compact network. Please see  for more details.

We encourage you to have an orientation session before you send students into the community as part of your course. The orientation should include things like:

  • What to expect
  • Safety off-campus
  • Professionalism
  • Communication with faculty and community partners
  • Reflection as  part of the experience

Our office can help you design the orientation and work with community partners to determine what information should be included.

Assessing student learning and contributions to community partners are important components of Service-Learning. Our office can help you find resources to develop your evaluations and assessments. We also have examples that other programs have used, to help you design an approved evaluation method.

The forms are available for Service-Learning courses at UW-Whitewater:

UW-Whitewater values partnering with area school districts to support the needs of all students.  To ensure this partnership thrives, the following procedures should be followed:

  1. If a course requires work within a school site, for any reason, complete the Student Work in School Districts Form. This ensures that the Education Outreach Coordinator (Linda Nortier, is aware of the placement and will assist you with questions.
  2. Click here for the list of contact persons at area districts. This person will instruct you on how to proceed in placing students in that specific district for the purposes of your course.
  3. Students who work with minors, in any capacity in schools, need to have a Criminal Background Check (CBC) completed and shared with the host district. Depending on the course activity in the school, the faculty or student should be prepared to share this information.
  4. Process for CBC: Three methods to obtain Background Check:
    1. UW-W HR:
      1. CBC form is completed by each student who will participate in the on-site school activity. A CBC must complete the form if it has been longer than 365 days since a previous check.
      2. The instructor should:
        1. insert the appropriate Org. Code on the form
        2. Indicate on the form how the student should return the form:
          1. to the instructor or
          2. directly to Human Resources (Hyer 330)
      3. Results are available at HR
    2. National Search:
      1. Students log into this site using: UG82 and follow the directions
      2. Students are charged $43 for an initial check and $19 for a recheck.
      3. Results are found on the site by the student and the instructor
    3. WI Search: 
      1. Department or Instructor enter the information to complete the records request.
      2. Each request costs $7.
      3. Results are found on the site by the instructor or department
  5. Please consult our Education Outreach Coordinator (Linda Nortier, for additional support.


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Jodie Parys
Coordinator, Program for Community-Based Learning
Phone: 262-472-5070
Location: LT 3130