Fellows Program

This Community Based Learning Fellows program follows the successful model of the Teaching Scholars program, which has proven to be a popular program among previous participants. It is based on regular seminar meetings that provide a venue for sustained conversation with faculty and academic teaching staff from across campus who are committed to teaching excellence. In addition to the regular seminars, the program provides support for building a community partner relationship for your service learning or community based research course project as well as assisting to complete significant assignment and assessment redesign for the selected course. Meet our fellows!

Kim Adams

Kim Adams

Assistant Director, University Center

Office: 250C University Center
Phone: (262) 472-1477
Email: adamsk@uww.edu

Kim is an assistant director for the James R. Connor University Center at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. During her 28 years as a student union professional, she has focused on student development, civic engagement, and further developing high impact practices. Kim currently serves as a co-president of the UW-Whitewater/Community Optimist Club and has served as the co-faculty advisor of the UW-Whitewater Student Optimist Club for 23 years. In addition, she has helped to plan and lead nine service-learning trips (both domestically and internationally). She has also taught a section of New Student Seminar (NSS) for 15 years and three semesters of a Service Learning and Leadership Seminar (SLLS) class. Kim is looking forward to teaching her first semester of a “Making a Difference” learning community for first-year students in the fall 2017 semester. In the last five years, Kim has also served on three LEAP teams. Throughout her professional and personal journey in life, she considers herself to be a servant leader and co-learner with others.
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Emily Beasley

Assistant Professor, Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching

Office: 123 Williams Center
Phone:(262) 472-1140
Email: beasleye@uww.edu

Bio not yet available

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John DeGraff

Lecturer, Marketing

Office: 3423 Hyland Hall
Phone: (262) 472-3260
Email: degraffj@uww.edu

Marketer, Innovator, and Educator

Making Innovation Happen!

Certified Professional Innovator. The last ten years John has lead innovation, entrepreneurship, and growth education and consulting programs with: Not for profit organizations: Combat Blindness, Excellent Schools Detroit, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Detroit PBS, Janesville Business Challenge, Kellogg Foundation, The Mary Ann Remick Catholic Education program, Travers City Chamber of Commerce and OUMI-Michigan Companies: Bosch, Boehringer Ingelheim , Ceridian, CMS, DMGI, DSM, Eaton, Florida Power and Light, GE, Hagerty, Haworth, Honeywell, Ingersoll Rand, Johnson & Johnson, McDonald’s, NBC, Pfizer, Prudential, ProQuest, Syngenta and Zoetis.

Presently an Adjunct Professor of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and Partner at the Innovatrium Innovation Institution in Ann Arbor, Whitewater and has taught in Executive Education programs at the University of Michigan, University of Dayton and Notre Dame.

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Andrea Ednie

Assistant Professor, Health, Human Performance and Recreation

Office: 125 Williams Center
Phone: (262) 472-1351
Email: edniea@uww.edu

Andrea has established community based partnerships with area schools, regional and state-wide park and recreation departments, YMCAs, hospitals, conservation groups, and many other organizations. The hands-on learning and engaging students with community partners and practitioners has always been a key focus in her teaching. The opportunity for students to connect course concepts with real-world application also fits well within the recreation and health areas. Community based learning has helped Andrea integrate her teaching, service, and research. It also continues to open exciting opportunities for new teaching, research and service projects. UW-Whitewater has also provided her with the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues across programs and departments, and the support and encouragement for implementing creative approaches to teaching that enrich student learning.
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Kelly Hatch

Assistant Professor, Curriculum & Instruction

Office: 3043 Winther Hall
Phone: (262) 472 5087
Email: hatchk@uww.edu

Kelly has been eager to implement service learning into her UW-Whitewater courses, so joining the Fellows Program was a terrific fit. She has established partnerships with Whitewater LEADS and The Ice Age Trail Alliance. While this is her first experience with community based learning, she is excited to see how it will influence her career. She believes community based learning allows UW-Whitewater to communicate the campus’s value to the Whitewater community and throughout the state of Wisconsin. It also gives UW-Whitewater the platform for engaging partners.
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Amal Ibrahim

Assistant Professor, Communication

Office: 1217E Andersen Library
Phone: (262) 472-5022
Email: ibrahima@uww.edu

Amal was first introduced to CBL during her Ph.D program at Georgia State University. She was moved by several video projects that were able to help and serve various local community groups in Atlanta, GA. In spring 2016, she was assigned to teach Comm 338 (Corporate and Commercial Video Production III), a course she felt offered a great chance to use CBL as an alternative teaching approach. Amal is beginning many partnerships both with community agencies and another professor in the CBL Fellows Program. While the majority of her CBL work is accomplished through the classroom, Amal believes the CBL program is great opportunity to get to know other people from all around campus and to learn about various possibilities for collaborative work. Her students learn to deal with real life clients, help to solve real problems and satisfy real needs in their society while the community benefits from the facilities her students have access to in addition to their digital media skills and creativity. It is a great opportunity for interdisciplinary collaboration with other community based learning efforts offered at various UWW programs.
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Kim Knesting-Lund

Associate Professor, Psychology

Office: 1213 Laurentide
Phone: (262) 472-5412
Email: knestink@uww.edu

Kim's specialization area in psychology is school psychology. She is a core faculty member in UW-Whitewater’s School Psychology Graduate Program. Learning from, and learning with, school psychologists in local school districts is foundational to graduate training in school psychology. Community based learning was important to her own learning as a graduate student and has been an integral part of many of the courses she has taught throughout her career. Her community based learning is done primarily through her classroom teaching. It supports man institutional goals including transforming lives and impacting society, fostering diversity and inclusion, and deepening community partnerships and relationships. CBL has has provided Kim with opportunities to make connections with people in Whitewater and the surrounding communities, as well as given her opportunities to be more actively engaged in students’ learning. Kim especially enjoys the energy and commitment that surrounds conversations about student learning, in and outside of the classroom.

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Kate Ksobiech

Assistant Professor, Communication

Office: 420 Heide Hall
Phone: (262) 472-3175
Email: ksobieck@uww.edu

Kate believes that it’s important to “give back” however possible. She became involved in CBL because it was a great way to involve students in reaching out into the larger campus community and beyond to assist those in need from the communication field. Kate has established many partnerships through CBL including the Boys & Girls Club of Ft. Atkinson, People Against Domestic & Sexual Abuse (PADA), Association for the Prevention of Family Violence (APFV), Rock River Free Clinic, and Whitewater Middle School. These partnerships have included both community based research and learning. They have also allowed her to many people both on and off campus, which has been a great motivator to get even more involved with projects and committees that benefit the UW-Whitewater community and beyond.
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Daryl Parker

Lecturer, Management

Office: 3413 Hyland Hall
Phone: (262) 472-5329
Email: parkerd@uww.edu

Bio not yet available

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Heather Pelzel

Assistant Professor, Biological Sciences

Office: 205 Upham Hall
Phone: (262) 472-5134
Email: pelzelh@uww.edu

Heather was first introduced to community-based learning through the principles of SENCER (Science Education for New Civic Engagements and engage with these issues. She has created partnerships on campus with the Pride Center and UniversiResponsibilities): using civic issues to teach content knowledge and getting students to actively ty Health and Counseling Services but is hoping to find partnerships off campus, as well. Heather believes community based learning has been the biggest influence to expand her circle of colleagues beyond her department and college because a really good community-based learning experience is a multi-disciplinary endeavor. Her favorite part of the UW-Whitewater campus community is a common thread among the faculty that their primary job is to help students learn. The faculty and academic staff on campus are committed to continually reflecting on and improving teaching to better facilitate student learning.
Jonah Ralston

Jonah Ralston

Assistant Professor, Political Science, Public Policy & Administration Program Coordinator

Office: 5122 Laurentide Hall
Phone: (262) 472-1676
Email: ralstonj@uww.edu

John Dewey once said: “Philosophy recovers itself when it ceases to be a device for dealing with the problems of philosophers and becomes a method, cultivated by philosophers, for dealing with the problems of men.” Community-based learning has allowed Jonah to put this idea into action. He believes community based learning is a high priority at UW-Whitewater. The university is in the process of developing its strategic plan, and of its priorities is almost certain to be forming partnerships with regional organizations. His community outreach is primarily through his research and other activities, but he intends on incorporating more community based learning into his teaching. He currently works with the Fort Atkinson school district, but is also hoping to develop a partnership with the United Way of Jefferson and North Walworth Counties. Having been employed through both the private and public sector, Jonah believes UW-Whitewater is the best place he has ever worked, and there is a real sense of community on the campus.
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Jim Schnaedter

Lecturer, Management

Office: 4500 Hyland Hall
Phone: (262) 472-5734
Email: schanedj@uww.edu

Jim Schnaedter coordinates the internship program for the management department in addition to his role as a lecturer of management. These experiences have helped him connect his students with employment opportunities both before and after graduation. Jim became involved with CBL because he wanted to create a project-based assignment in his Training and Development course that allowed his students to connect with resources and partners outside of the university. He believes UW-Whitewater has a service obligation to both the students and community, and CBL helps provide a service to both. Jim enjoys working with his students because they represent a great future for the community in terms of ethical leadership.


Contact Info

Jodie Parys
Coordinator, Program for Community-Based Learning
Email: parysj@uww.edu
Phone: 262-472-5070
Location: LT 3130