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For the Love of Teaching

For the love of teaching is a learning community for students interested in becoming educators.

UW-Whitewater has a strong reputation for high-quality teacher preparation programs and prepares the largest number of teachers in Wisconsin among 33 institutions, including public and private institutions.  For the Love of Teaching is a Learning Community (LC) designed for students who are interested in becoming an educator at any grade level, whether Early Childhood, Elementary, Secondary, or K-12.  The intention of this LC is to “learn, teach, inspire.”  Students who choose education as a major and pursue this career are passionate about helping others learn, are lifelong learners themselves, value interpersonal interaction and connection, find joy in making a difference, and believe every moment matters.  There are many rewards of teaching, none more significant than shaping the next generation.  Teachers truly open the door for others.  Education is one of the most gratifying professions and it takes a unique personality and skillset to be a teacher. 

Students in this learning community live together in Knilans Hall and are pre-enrolled in high-demand core classes (listed below) with students in other education learning communities.  For the Love of Teaching will be paired with a Peer Mentor who will help students adjust to campus, plan exciting activities outside of the classroom with the LC Coordinator, and aid students in networking with other future teachers.   

Who can I live with if I join this Learning Community?

  • You can live with anyone in a Learning Community living in Knilans Hall (please see our FAQ page for a complete listing of those LCs in Knilans Hall)

Available For:

  • First year students interested in teaching at any grade level


  • Knilans Hall

Linked Classes:

  • Fall semester: Introduction to Special Education (Speced 205), Individual and Society (Gened 130), New Student Seminar (Intraunv 104),
  • Spring semester: World of the Arts (Gened 110).

Learning Community Coordinator:

Jillian Smith

(262) 472-1059


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