Interested in discovering whether or not you want to major in the sciences?  Do you like science, but are not convinced that you are ready for the demands of five credit science classes?


This learning community is designed for students interested in exploring science, but are not yet ready for the science courses needed for their intended major. Students in this learning community will spend the fall semester preparing for the courses they will be taking in the future that pertain to their intended major. This learning community will provide an opportunity for students to grow into their intended major while receiving support from faculty, staff, and current students majoring in the sciences.  The coordinator of this Learning Community currently serves as the liaison for science majors in the Academic Advising and Exploration Center.


  • Majors in biology, chemistry, physics, undeclared majors considering a science major, and any student who wants to explore the sciences.
  • Initial placement in this LC will be based on your Math ACT score of 18 or lower.  Once you have completed your Math placement test, you may not be eligible for Helahawks, and would have the opportunity to join Covalent Bonds or Double Helix.


  • Lee Hall


  • Human Environmental Problems, New Student Seminar, Beginning Algebra, Service Learning and Leadership, Advanced Algebra


Being a member of this Learning Community also offers students an amazing summer opportunity--Science Academy!


Kara MeissenKara Meissen 
Phone: (262) 472-5232
E-mail: krumenak@uww.edu

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