First Year Experience
King Chavez learning community at UW-Whitewater

King/Chavez I

This learning community engages freshman scholars in their personal and academic development.

The King/Chávez Learning Community is a core group of King/Chávez Scholars who live in the residence halls together, take courses together, and participate in a variety of community building activities. The King/Chávez Scholars learning community promotes academic and cultural development as well as positive networking skills. Scholars engage in a variety of activities including trips to Chicago, attending theatrical events, group study nights and other exciting programs. Our scholars most enjoy the family-like foundation that the support of the learning community provides, which eases the transition from high school to college and provides scholars the opportunity to create lifelong bonds and friendships.

Who can I live with if I join this Learning Community?

  • You can live with anyone who has a housing assignment in Wells West (including students in a learning community living in Wells West)

Available For:

  • Students who accept the King/Chavez Scholarship (Note: Acceptance of King/Chavez Scholarship REQUIRES membership in the King/Chavez Learning Community)


  • Wells West

Linked Classes:

  • Fall semester: American Government and Politics (Polisci 141), New Student Seminar (Intraunv 104), Individual and Society (Gened 130)
  • Spring semester: World of the Arts (Gened 110), Global Perspectives (Gened 140)

Learning Community Coordinator

Whitney Supianoski

 (262) 472-2804


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