Off-Campus Employers

Off-Campus Employers

Recruiting UW-Whitewater students for part-time jobs is a great way for regional businesses and organizations to fill their employment needs. Handshake is UW-Whitewater's online job board for students, and the site includes student jobs as well as internships and jobs after graduation for most majors. Students are encouraged to use Handshake for their job searches, making Handshake an effective tool in promoting your employment opportunities to UW-Whitewater students.  Per our recruiting policy, UW-Whitewater  does not post positions for private individuals or within private homes on Handshake.

To sign up for a Handshake account, go to:  Handshake Sign-Up Page

1.            Click on "Sign Up for an Account"

2.            Choose Employer account

3.            Enter your work contact information and create a password, then click Sign Up (Please note that we do not accept Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail or other personal email addresses)

4.            Select the types of students you would like to recruit and enter your Alma Mater (optional)

5.            Read through the Employer Guidelines and designate if you are a third party recruiter or not

6.            Check your email and click the link to confirm your email address

7.             If your company is in Handshake, request to connect to your company.  If you do not see it listed, click on "Create New Company" in the lower right corner.

8.            Connect with schools - make sure to select University of Wisconsin-Whitewater to be able to post jobs with us.  

Your request to connect with UW-Whitewater will be reviewed for approval within 1-2 business days.  Once you are approved, you can begin posting jobs with us.  To access Handshake after signing up, go to Handshake's main login page.

If you have any questions on how to use Handshake, please check out or contact Kim Apel at or 262-472-1472 for more information.