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Here at UHCS we can help students who are feeling stressed out. We have counselors who specialize in stress reduction and relaxation skills. We also have a free noon-hour yoga class open to students on Mondays, no experience necessary. Yoga helps relieve your body and mind of stress and helps you relax deeply.

From an Expert at UHCS:

There is no such thing as a “stress-free” life. A certain amount of challenge is stimulating and healthy. Stress is the deep exhaustion that results when too many demands keep us stuck in a state of low-grade flight or fight arousal i.e. stressed out. Stress undermines our ability to concentrate which can lead to problems at work or school. Stress subjects us to mood swings and irritability that leads to problems with family, friends and roommates. Stress can cause insomnia, backaches, headaches, digestive disorders and eventually lead to major illness. Learning a few tools to help reduce and manage your stress will have a major positive impact on your overall well being and create a happier more relaxed you. Yoga, meditation, deep breathing, mindfulness, guided imagery and energy balancing techniques are excellent tools (to name a few).

Try this simple calming breath: inhale deeply through your nose, now exhale slowly through gently pursed lips. Take 5 or 6 good breaths this way and feel yourself calmer and more present. * If you’re having difficulty getting a good breath in, exhale first.

- Sharon Mueller, MS, LPC, NCC

More Information: is especially great for “understanding stress” and “relaxation techniques for stress relief.” provides great information about a wide variety of mental health issues including stress and relaxation.

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Last Updated: 09/17/12