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Phone: 262-472-1300

For health care questions, do not email. Please call the number above, menu option 1.

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"I was very thankful this exists. I do not have insurance so it helps to be able to have a place to go where many things are free and what's not is cheaper. The healthcare providers are all very nice and willing to help." UW-W student

There are no fees for Counseling, Employee Assistance or Wellness programs.

Health Services Fees:

UHCS respects our students’ time and money. We strive to give UWW students the best health care services possible for the segregated fees they pay. When all appointments made are used, we are able to make more appointments available to our students. When students do not keep their appointments, other students who want an appointment have to wait needlessly. When appointments are made and not kept students’ segregated fee dollars are wasted.

To maximize the timely services and lowest cost to the students, UHCS will charge those students who make health appointments and do not use them a wasted appointment fee of $10 starting September 1, 2011. The fee of $10 will automatically be applied to the student’s university bill.

If students cancel or change their health appointment later than noon the day prior to their appointment, they will be charged a $5 cancellation fee. The fee of $5 will automatically be applied to the student’s university bill. While these amounts will not compensate for the lost professional staff time, the purpose of this policy is to discourage lost appointment time for our students and keep student fees for high quality health care as low possible.

Procedures/services Cost
Allergy Shots (single) 10.00
Allergy Shots (multiple) 15.00
Courtesy Injection 10.00
Crutch Rental ($30 deposit) 5.00
Dressing Change 10.00
Wart Treatment/removal 5.00
Ear wax removal per ear 10.00
Nebulizer Treatment 10.00
Removal of non-wart skin lesion 25.00
Laceration repair (includes and not limited to sutures) 30.00
Removal of ingrown toenail 25.00
Splinting of sprain/strain Costs vary
Wound care 4.00
Physical exams (athletic, employment, routine) 20.00
Emergency medication cart charge 20.00
Orthopedic Supplies (slings,splints, supports, etc) $5.00 - 52.00
Suture Removal (of sutures not applied at UHCS) 10.00
Travel Visit 20.00

Note: Any lab tests or medications provided are listed separately and are charged separately - See below for lab and medication costs.

Adacel (tetanus, diphtheria, pertusis) 41.00
Tetanus/diphtheria 25.00 - 28.00
Flu mist 17.00
Flu vaccine 17.00
Hepatitis A vaccine 31.00
Gardasil (HPV) 143.00
Hepatitis A-B vaccine (series of 3) 56.00/injection
Hepatitis B vaccine - Adult (series of 3) 36.00/injection
Hepatitis B vaccine - child (series of 3) (if series started before age 18, last dose must be received by age 19 to be covered) No cost
Menveo (Menactra) 93.00
TB test 6.00
Lab Tests
Most commonly ordered, other tests available as needed
Rapid strep 10.00
Blood count 10.00
Mono test 10.00
Pregnancy test* 10.00
Routine urine test* 10.00
Test for yeast or bacterial vaginosis* 10.00
Basic blood chemistry 10.00
Cholesterol 10.00
Stool culture 29.00
Urine culture* 23.00
Wound culture 23.00
Blood sugar 10.00
TSH (Thyroid function) 16.00
Pap test (thin prep)* 37.00
STD testing fees
Trichomonis* 10.00
Herpes (PCR)*+ 47.00
Gonorrhea*+ 49.00
Chlamydia*+ 49.00
Syphillis*+ 13.00
HIV*+ 21.00
HPV (women only)* 79.00
Azurette (Kariva) 28.00
Plan B-Levonorgesterel 18.00
NuvaRing 70.00
Sronyx (Aviane) 14.00
Mononessa (Sprintec) 10.00
Trinessa Tabs (Tri-Sprintec) 10.00
Microgestin Fe Tabs (Junel) 12.00 - 14.00
Reclipsen Tabs (APRI) 9.00
Low-Ogestrel (Cryselle) 16.00
Medroxyprogesterone (Depo) 51.00
Condoms - 5 ea 1.00
Condoms - 10 ea 2.00
Condoms - 25 ea 5.00
Condoms - Female (3/bx) 5.00
Condoms - Latex free (1) 1.00
Condoms - Latex free (5) 4.00
Condoms - Latex free (10) 8.00
Dental Dams - Latex free (1) 1.00
Dental Dams - Latex free (5) 5.00
Dental Dams - Latex free (10) 10.00

*Students with Medicaid waiver: cost for these items may be covered at no fee for student
+Some students may be eligible for these tests to be funded via public health - please inquire
NOTE: Some labs may require sensitivity testing

Frequently Dispensed medications
Acyclovir #10 - #100 5.00 - 17.00
Amoxicillin 8.00
Augmentin (Amoxicillin potassium/clav) 26.00
Zithromax (Azithromycin) 5.00 - 17.00
Wellbutrin (bupropion) 12.00 -70.00
Keflex (cephalexin) 9.00
Ciprofloxin 250/500mg 5.00 - 12.00
Diflucan (fluconazole) 3.00
Prozac (fluoxetine) 2.00/5.00/6.00/8.00
Hydrocortisone 1% cream 3.00/5.00
Cough Syrup (Guaifenesin) 3.00
Claritin (loratadine) 3.00/5.00
Flagyl (metronidazole) 5.00/10.00/16.00
Antibiotic eardrops (neopolyotic suspension) 23.00
Nicotine gum 19.00
Nicotine patch 31.00
Penicillin 8.00
Prednisone 3.00
Prenatal vitamins 5.00
Sudafed (pseudoephedrine) 5.00
Zantac (ranitidine) 2.00/3.00/6.00
Saline Nasal Spray (Sea Soft) 3.00
Sinu Cleanse Irrigation System 10.00
Lamisil (12gm/30gm) 8.00/9.00
TMP Sulfa 5.00/8.00/12.00
Ventolin 42.00

Payment of Fees

If you have no fees or want the fees billed to your university bill, you do not need a receipt, you can use EXPRESS CHECKOUT and promptly exit the Health Center after your appointment.

Those who need a receipt , even if they desire the charges to be billed to their University account, or want to pay by cash, check, or purple points, must check out at the front window before leaving the Health Center.

EXCEPTION: Massage therapy is $10-45 payable by cash or check directly to the massage therapist at the time of the massage.


A prescription can also be given, if requested, to take to a local pharmacy. This is often done when a student has insurance coverage for medication. In addition, there are some sample medications available.

The Wisconsin Family Planning Waiver program provides no charge reproductive health care and contraceptives for eligible female students.

Summer fee

If you graduate in May, you can receive health services for no additional fee until June 6th, 2014. To continue services until the first day of fall classes there is a one time fee that changes yearly, $42 for 2014.

If you are enrolled in the spring and for the fall, but not the summer, you can receive health services for no additional fee until June 6, 2014. To continue services from the 6th of June through August 1, the one time fee of less than $42 applies. After August 1, full services are available without the additional one time time fee.

If you are enrolled in summer session, you can receive health services for no additional fee until the first day of fall classes.


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