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The UHCS Wellness team works with our Wellness Peer Educators and physical and mental healthcare providers to provide great, free programs that are available to your staff, class, hall, floor or organization.  Available programs are listed below but you can also request a custom program by clicking the link above.  Complete the form to request your program at least two weeks in advance. After requesting a program, a wellness team member will follow up with you to confirm. If you have questions, please contact   

Wellness Programs

UHCS Overview: An in-depth look at all the health, counseling, and wellness services UHCS provides for students.

Warhawks Step Up: A bystander intervention workshop that encourages students to support their peers on a variety of topics like mental health, hate and bias, alcohol abuse, and violence.

Staying Healthy in College: A Jeopardy game focused on student wellness including nutrition, mental health, sexual health, and alcohol.

Mental Health Matters: An overview of mental health, how to manage stress and prioritize self-care, and campus resources for support.

Managing Test Anxiety: Discover new ways to prevent anxiety from disrupting focus and success.

QPR Gatekeeper Training: Get certified in this 3-step suicide prevention training designed to teach the warning signs of a suicide crisis and how to assist someone in need. One hour minimum.

Alcohol, Drugs & Sex...Oh My: A team competition to learn about responsible alcohol and drug use and safe sex.

Hosting a Safe Party: This interactive program provides those who choose to drink with tips on how to host a safe and responsible party.

Consent 101: An overview of consent, sexual assault, and ways to prevent it. 

Sex Bingo: An inclusive sexual health bingo game complete with prizes.

Escalation: An intense video that explores the red flags of unhealthy relationships and dating violence, followed by discussion. 90 minutes minimum.

Safe Zone Training: A workshop for faculty, staff, and/or students to better understand LGBTQ issues, terms, and strategies for supporting the LGBTQ community. 90 minutes minimum.

No Wrong Way to Have a Body: Learn about eating disorders, support resources, and how to be healthy at any size.

Ask a Dietitian: Learn all you can about nutrition from a registered dietitian.

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