Wisconsin Innovation Service Center
Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC)

Research and Analysis for Strategic Market Insights

Wisconsin Innovation Service Center (WISC) market research provides essential information for business and new product development decisions for companies and inventors throughout the United States. WISC connects inventors and innovative companies with the resources of the College of Business and Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, the largest business college in Wisconsin.

UW-Whitewater student market research analysts conduct the research needed for product and business development decisions through accessing business databases and conducting phone interviews with experts and industry representatives. Director Kaia Fowler oversees strategic research plan development and guides student researchers and analysts through each stage of the project.

With WISC market research, clients gain access to the resources and expertise of the College of Business and Economics at affordable project-based rates. WISC services support business and economic growth.

Click on About WISC to learn more about market research services and read client testimonials, or call the WISC at (262) 472-1365 to ask for more information.