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Each of these classes satisfies the conservation science requirement. Not all teaching licensure majors require a conservation science course. Some of these classes require substitution on an Academic Advisement Report. If you have questions pertaining to which classes meet the conservation science requirement, or need personalization, contact Kelli Danielski, COEPS Advising Assistance Center Coordinator (Winter Hall Information Desk; 262-472-1101)

Conservation Sciences for Education Majors

Classes written in PURPLE are available during the SPRING 2020 semester

BIOLOGY 214 Ecology and Society (3)

BIOLOGY/GEOLOGY 250 Ecology and Geology of Yellowstone Natl. Park and Upper Great Plains (SUMMER ONLY) (4)
COREQ: MATH 140 0R 141

GEOGRPY 252 Global Environmental Challenges (3)


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