Academic Advising & Exploration Center

Required Coursework

All students will be required to take the following Developmental and Student Success Courses:

Student Success Courses

Courses that will allow a student to sharpen study skills, reading, writing and comprehension skills.
DEVLPED 50 Study/Academic Survival Skills* (Fall)
DEVLPED 60 College Literacy* (Spring)

New Student Seminar

This course is designed to help first year students make a successful transition into university life.
Intravunv 104 New Student Seminar (Fall)

Communication & Calculation Skills

Students will begin their Communication & Calculation Skills requirement in Pathway for Success supported sections of Math and English for two semesters. Math placement is determined by the UW System Placement Test. English placement is determined by standarized test scores (ACT/SAT).
MATH 41 Beginning Algebra*
MATH 141 Findamentals of College Algebra
ENGLISH 90 Fundamentals of English
ENGLISH 101 Freshman English
ENGLISH 102 Freshman English

General Education Requirements

(Required of all UW-Whitewater students)
The general education courses ensure that students gain the intellectual knowledge, practical skills, breadth of knowledge, and habits of mind that employers and society expect of today's college graduate.

*Developmental and Student Success Courses WILL count toward Cumulative GPA, academic standing, financial aid and athletic eligibility but WILL NOT count toward the 120 units required for graduation.


Students who want to continue taking a Pathway for Success supported class in the spring semester have the option of taking INTRAUNV 124, Service Learning & Leadership.



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