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Fund for Wisconsin Scholars was founded by John and Tashia Morgridge. John and Tashia wanted to help students who could not afford college. They wanted to give them the opportunity to attend and to be successful in their college careers. That is why they decided to create this grant. The grant was put in place to help reduce the financial barriers of college and to minimize the debt that most Wisconsin students incur during their college years. Lastly, Fund for Wisconsin Scholars provides grants that open the door to a better world, helping ensure that higher education is accessible, affordable, and that degree completion is achieved. More information on the grant can be found at Fund for Wisconsin Scholars.

The program provides a resource and sense of community for grant recipients. The whole purpose of the grant is to relieve students from financial burdens while attending college. The mentor program is designed to further enhance the retention rates of the recipients by creating a bond between the mentors and the students. Each month, the students are encouraged to attend a social event to get to know their peers, get involved, and develop a stronger sense of belonging.


We provide need-based grants to graduates of Wisconsin from public high schools whom are attending a Wisconsin public four-year college to support their access to and completion of college. The Fund for Wisconsin Scholars will help reduce the financial barriers to college and minimize the debt that many Wisconsin students incur during their college years by providing need-based grants.


We believe that in this global, knowledge-based economy, the intellectual capacity of all persons has value. We believe that increasing the number of citizens who complete post-secondary education will improve the quality of life for Wisconsin citizens by benefiting both the individual and society.


Our vision is to ensure the opportunity for generations of young people to further their education. We are committed to helping ensure that higher education is more accessible, affordable, and that degree completion is realized with greater frequency. Our mission, vision, and beliefs will help address these critical challenges facing Wisconsin:

  • Creating well-paying jobs
  • Increasing financial resources for Wisconsin students to attend college
  • Increasing educational opportunities for Wisconsin citizens
  • Increasing the number of Wisconsin citizens completing their bachelor degrees
  • Improving the college preparedness of all Wisconsin students

The FFWS is a private foundation established in 2007 from a founding gift of $167 million from John P. and Tashia F. Morgridge. It provides need-based grants to talented graduates of Wisconsin public high schools attending a public four-year university in Wisconsin. The grants are gifts and do not need to be repaid.

We want to help make college more accessible and affordable for Wisconsin students by reducing the currently increasing affordability gap.

The growing affordability gap means that many able students simply cannot afford college. Many others who do attend, accrue overwhelming debt. The purpose of the FFWS is to increase graduation rates while reducing the financial barriers to college and minimizing the debt that most Wisconsin students incur during their college years.

Yes. These grants are for graduates of Wisconsin public high schools who are attending a public four-year college in Wisconsin. The reason behind this is because of the cost difference between public and private institutions. The grants will have a greater impact on public institutions.

Students do not need to apply for FFWS grants. They are eligible to become a grant recipient based on criteria established by FFWS. This includes:

  • Being a PELL recipient
  • Recently graduating from a Wisconsin public high school
  • Attending a four-year University of Wisconsin (UW) college full-time

The grant will be awarded to eligible students through a random selection process conducted by the Higher Education Aids Board (HEAB). This grant will be in addition to the state and federal grants that many students are already receiving from the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). The grants will be distributed to eligible students through the University of Wisconsin System four-year schools.

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