Academic Standards

Academic Standards

Appeal Forms

Download Appeal for Reinstatement form

A student has the right to appeal a dismissal decision. He/she may do so by submitting an appeal to the Academic Standards Committee. Appeals must be received by the appropriate deadline.

Once you have submitted an Appeal for Reinstatement Form and it has been reviewed by the Academic Standards Committee, it is important to realize that the committees' decisions are final.

Student instructions for filing an appeal:

  1. Complete all sections of the appeal form.  Academic Standards Appeals Committee will not consider incomplete appeal applications.
  2. Academic Standards requires that appeals be e-mailed as an attachment. Inability to submit the appeal by e-mail is not an acceptable reason not to meet the appeal deadline. Students with a disability that prohibits them from completing and emailing an appeal form should contact the Academic Standards office.
  3. Appeals must be received by the appropriate deadline.
  4. You may submit additional sheets to provide further explanation, letters of recommendation, copies of medical records, or other documentation in support of your appeal. These forms must be submitted electronically to the Academic Standards office.

Exceeding 15 Units Appeal Form

Download Exceeding 15 Units Appeal Form

According to University policy, students on probation can take no more than 15 units unless they have permission from Academic Standards. To request permission to exceed the 15 unit course limit, students must appeal to the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee for approval.  Students will be notified by UW-W email of the decision. The decision of the Admissions and Academic Standards Committee is final.

Academic Forgiveness Form

Download Academic Forgiveness Form

With an absence from any formalized higher education for a minimum of five consecutive years prior to readmission to UW-Whitewater, students have one opportunity to make a written appeal to invoke the Academic Forgiveness Policy. The Committee requires students to complete a minimum of 12 units at UW-Whitewater in work academically acceptable to the Committee prior to submitting the appeal. All grades must be official prior to submitting the application, with all grades taken for a conventional grade basis.  If academic forgiveness is granted, all previous UW-Whitewater grades will be excluded from the cumulative grade point average.  Students are encouraged to consult with Academic Standards prior to beginning the Academic Forgiveness process.


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