Procurement and purchasing cards at UW-Whitewater


Shop@UW, an e-commerce marketplace staffed and hosted by UW-Madison which allows users to search for items and return results from various suppliers. Shop@UW allows users to make more informed procurement decisions while reducing the time it takes to shop for products.

Transactions are billed to and paid directly from a department account. Users do not need to provide PCard information or submit a purchase requisition.  Users will receive a monthly transaction report from Procurement Department after purchases are made.  This report must be reviewed and signed by the user as well as reviewed and approved by the applicable person.

If you have an account, Login to Shop@UW

To create or update account information fo to Shop@UW 


Statements are emailed mid-month for purchases made in the month prior. 

Print, review, sign and date the statement.  Obtain your supervisor’s signature.  Return signed statement to Procurement, within two (2) weeks of receipt of statement

Forms: Account Set-Up or Revision Information, Login to Shop@UW,  Shop@UW Homepage, Shop@UW News, Shop@UW Training, Shop@UW FAQ, Shop@UW Returns and Shop@UW Vendor Contact, Return, & Shipping Information

Training: All Shop@UW users will be required to complete an on-line Shop@UW training.  (It will take you less than 10 minutes.)   

  • Existing users had to complete the training by April 1, 2019. Users who did not complete the training by April 1 will not be able to use Shop@UW until they do so. 
  • Starting April 1, 2019, new user accounts will not be created until after the training has been completed.

The training requirement and program changes were recommended during an internal control review completed by a third party consultant.  Additional details on the program changes can be found on the Changes to Shop@UW webpage.

If you need additional guidance using Shop@UW after you have completed the on-line training, please refer to the Shop@UW Training Webpage  that provides more information.

To complete the training, click on the following link: Shop@UW Training Login

Ryan Moore 
Director of Procurement
Hyer Hall 139
Phone: (262) 472-1633

Deanna Slaybaugh
Purchasing Associate
Hyer Hall 131B
Phone: (262) 472-1489

Teri Drake
Purchasing Associate
Hyer Hall 131C
Phone: (262) 472-1210