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New graduates have access to your student email accounts for approximately six months after you graduate. At that point, your student email account will be deleted. 

The alumni email service will be discontinued for all users on Dec. 31, 2021. Please start migrating your usage to another email account.

Alumni Email FAQs

Here are some helpful tips and information for migrating your alumni email account to a personal email account:

  1. Create a new email address if you have not done so already. There are many free email providers such as Gmail,  Yahoo , or ProtonMail . When choosing your new email address, use your name or something that will age well over time. If you have a common name, try using your last name first or a combination of your initials and your last or first name ( or
  2. Import your contact list to your personal email account.
  3. Let your contacts know you have a new email address. Once you have your new email up and running, it’s time to email everyone telling them about your new email address. Be sure to use the Bcc option (blind copy) in the address bar, so you don’t accidentally share other people’s email addresses with the whole group. You may also want to add a signature that calls out the fact that your email has changed.
    • For go to Settings > View all Outlook settings > Mail > Compose and reply.
    • For Gmail go to Settings > General and scroll all the way down to Signature.
  4. Update all accounts and services that use your alumni email.  You may be using your alumni email as a username for other services such as Facebook,, or a subscription service. Go through each application or service that is tied to your alumni account and change it to your personal email account. The easiest way to do this is to search through your old email for phrases like “confirm your email,” “unsubscribe,” “your new account” or “welcome to.” This should provide you with a solid list of websites you have accounts at, email newsletters you’ve subscribed to, and just about everything else.

Stay up-to-date on the latest alumni and UW-Whitewater news by providing your current email address and other contact information on this quick survey. This allows us to update your alumni record. 

Due to the alumni email program being discontinued on December 31, 2021, no additional new graduates are able to enroll in the program.

Please contact the TSC Helpdesk with any questions.

For help logging in to the service, contact the TSC Helpdesk.

For problems or questions using a Google alumni account (created before December 2013), please review Google's extensive online help at No new Google alumni accounts are available.

The alumni email (Warhawk4Life) service is being discontinued in December 2021. We are not able to enroll additional users at this time.

New graduates have access to your student email accounts for approximately six months after you graduate. At that point your student email account will be deleted. 

NOTE: Accounts that have not been logged into every 180 days will be deleted. The alumni email (Warhawk4Life) service will be discontinued in December 2021.

If you have not yet enrolled for the alumni email (Warhawk4Life) service and you do not wish to participate, simply do nothing. Your UW-Whitewater email account will expire approximately six months after your graduation date.

If you have enrolled in the alumni email (Warhawk4Life) service and have decided that you do not wish to use the service any longer, contact the TSC Helpdesk to request that your service be discontinued.

The alumni email (Warhawk4Life) service uses your campus Net-ID and password, and is subject to campus Net-ID and network use policies. These policies are available at

To ensure that your password remains secure over time, you must change it every six months. You can change your password at

You can reset your own password at If you are unable to reset your own password, you can contact the TSC Helpdesk.

The storage amount for your alumni email (Warhawk4Life) account will remain the same as your UW-Whitewater student account (300 MB.)

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