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Handshake for Employers

Are you an employer looking to recruit talented, driven students and recent graduates from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater? Handshake is the online platform used by UW-Whitewater to connect students and alumni with employers for post-graduation jobs, internships, local part-time jobs and on-campus job opportunities. Employers of all sizes and industries use Handshake to post openings for FREE to connect with UW-Whitewater candidates. 

Posting your jobs and internships on Handshake allows you to reach qualified UW-Whitewater students and alumni efficiently and effectively. Additionally, Handshake is used by over 1,400 colleges and universities worldwide, including all of the University of Wisconsin schools, private universities, and technical colleges in the state of Wisconsin. Take advantage of the ability to post a job to multiple campuses at the same time and save yourself time while recruiting student talent.

Employer handshake login

Create a Handshake Account

Signing up for a Handshake account is easy!  Just follow the steps below or click here to view detailed instructions from Handshake.

     1. Click here to start signing up for a Handshake account
     2. Be sure to use your corporate email address.  UW-Whitewater does not approve employer or job posting requests from users with Gmail, Yahoo, or other personal email address domains.
     3. Request to join your existing company profile, or create an employer profile your company hasn’t used Handshake before.  You may need to wait for someone from your company to approve your request to join the profile. If that person no longer works for your company, please contact us at or 262-472-1472 and we’ll help get you connected.
     4. Follow the instructions provided by Handshake to validate your account and email address.
     5. Once you have been approved by your company and your account has been validated, you’re ready to post jobs!

Post Your Job or Internship

Once you have an employer account that is confirmed and connected to a company profile, you can begin posting jobs and internships for students. Here are some instructions and helpful tips for posting with UW-Whitewater.  Handshake also has detailed instructions on how to post jobs here

  1. Log in to Handshake
  2. Click Post a Job from your home dashboard
  3. Complete all of the fields on the job form, including Basic Information, Location and time Requirements, Compensation & Benefits, and Qualifications.
  4. Select the schools you would like to post the job with.  Be sure to select the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater if you want our students to see the posting. Note: We do not suggest selecting all schools in Handshake, but instead selecting schools within a reasonable distance of the location of your job (example: within Wisconsin or the Midwest).
  5. Set your application process.  You can either provide an external link where students can apply (example: your applicant tracking system like Workday), or you can have Handshake collect application materials for you (example: a resume and/or cover letter). If the latter is selected, you can have Handshake email you each time you get a new candidate.
  6. Review and submit your posting.  Please note: UW-Whitewater reviews all job postings in the order they are received, and typically approves or declines postings within 1-2 business days.

    Need Help with Handshake?

    • Handshake has a detailed Support Site where you can find answers to many of your questions about the system.
    • If you have questions about your job postings at UW-Whitewater, please contact us at or 262-472-1472.