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Interview Prep is a service that provides you with a platform to conduct practice video interviews. You can browse through the Interview Prep database of interview questions or utilize interview sets that Career Services has created, including general interview questions and behavioral interview questions.

Using a webcam, you have the opportunity to see and hear yourself practice both verbal and non-verbal communication skills in preparation for an interview. You can review your own interview responses or submit your video interview for review by a UWW Career Advisor.

Access Interview Prep Here.

· If this is your first time using Interview Prep, you will need to register for an account first using your UWW email address
· Make sure to use Google Chrome or Firefox for the best performance - other browsers do not work as well

To start using Interview Prep, you have to set up a user account. Only current UW-Whitewater students with a valid UWW email address are eligible to use the system. Alumni who graduated more than 6 months ago and prospective students cannot use Interview Prep.

To self-register:

  1. Click the UWW Login URL (use Google Chrome of Firefox; other browsers cause errors)
  2. Click the 'Register' link
  3. Fill out your account information using your current UWW email address. Do not use your personal email address.

If you already have an account, you can log in from the Login URL normally.

To conduct or create a new interview, click the 'Conduct' button on the dashboard.

You may also have been assigned an interview, you will recieve either an email invitation or a code to register for the assignment.

  1. If you recieved a code, you can enter it in the 'Assignment/Self-Registration' field on the dashboard.
  2. You will be redirected to the assignment landing page. Click the 'Take My Interview' button to start the assignment.

After starting your interview:

  1. The system will take you through a system check.
    1. You should see your camera feed displayed on-screen.
    2. Speak normally for your microphone. You should see the volume meter move when you speak.
    3. Once your camera and microphone have been detected, click the 'Next' button.
  2. There will be a short introduction. The first question will be asked immediatly after the introduction is complete.
  3. The first question will be asked, and you will be given a countdown. Immediately begin recording your response. Click anywhere to stop recording.
  4. After recording your response, you can review, retry, or submit your response. Please note that assigned interviews may limit retry attempts.
  5. After submitting your final response, an exit video will play and your responses will be uploaded. Do not close your browser until the upload is complete.
  6. Select one of the on-screen options to exit the interview.

To review an interview after you have completed it, click the 'Review' tab on the main dashboard.

  1. Select the interview you would like to review from the drop down menu.
  2. The questions involved in the interview will be displayed. You can select a question to view the response.
  3. You can add comments to individual questions. Select a question, type your comment, and post. The comment will contain a timestamp so you can see exactly where in the interview that comment applies.
  4. There is a manual filler word counter below the video, click the filler word buttons as they occur in the interview.
  5. You can also fill out a self-assessment below the filler word counter.

You can also share your interview to get feedback from others.

  1. From the review screen, click the 'Share' button.
  2. You can send a share link through email or manually through this window. If you would like to submit your interview for review by a Career Advisor, please email it to
  3. Those you share your interview with will be able to leave comments and fill out an assessment.
  4. After others have reviewed your interview, you can see their assessments in the 'Other' tab.
  5. You can also review a summary of your assessment results from the 'Summary' tab.

Need additional assistance with Interview Prep?

If you have questions or experience any issues while using Interview Prep:

If you would like additional assistance with your interview skills, or prefer to complete an in-person practice interview with a career advisor, you can schedule an appointment.  Please note that we do not offer same-day appointments, but we do offer drop-in hours for additional career help.

Appointments and Drop-Ins