Continuing Education

Certificate in Heritage Language

This certificate is designed for heritage language educators, language teachers who teach classes of mixed heritage and new language learners, and educators who are interested in creating culturally and linguistically sustaining classrooms for multilingual learners. Gather with critical bilingual and heritage language teachers from across the country to explore, share, and create powerful learning opportunities for your multilingual learners. Courses in this certificate include:

  • Critical Approaches to Heritage Language Education (prerequisite for all other courses)
  • Deeper-dive: Arts-integrated Multiliteracies for Heritage/Bilingual Learners
  • Deeper-dive: Inquiry Approaches to Bilingual/Heritage Language Curriculum Design
  • Deeper-dive: Race and Ethnic Studies with Heritage/Bilingual Learners
  • Deeper-dive: Teaching Heritage Languages Through the Language Arts
  • Becoming teacher-scholars - Classroom enactment, documentation, and dissemination project (to be organized with certificate coordinator)

Heritage Language

Designing your Heritage Language Curriculum
October 2022

Heritage Language

Race & Ethnic Studies
October 2022

Heritage Language

Critical Approaches to HLE
June & July 2022

Heritage Language

Arts-based Reading & Writing
June & July 2020

Heritage Language

Inquiry Approaches to HL
Fall 2019/Spring 2020

Courses are offered on rotation. Check for Special Topics in our Latine/x & Chicane/x Studies, Teaching for Biliteracies, and Webinars sections!  Email about new workshops, webinars, and courses!

All of our professional development is offered synchronously (in real-time) and online. All ccourses can be taken as continuing education (CEUs), for credit towards an additional license in World Languages Education with a Certificate in Heritage Language/Late Bilingual Education, or for graduate studies credit. Each class is the equivalent of a 3-credit undergraduate/graduate course. For those taking a credit option, additional work will be required. Critical Approaches to Heritage Language Education will be offered as a 6-week summer course (meeting twice weekly for two hours each). If you have participated in the CARLA Institute 1-week intensive course, this will be counted. “Deeper dive” classes will be offered either as a 6 week summer option or spread out over 14 weeks during the academic year, in order to provide focused professional development and community of like-minded educators to share ideas and resources with throughout the school year.

To earn the full certificate, you must complete Critical Approches, four Deeper-Dive courses, and a classroom project that you will either present about at a practitioner conference or (co)author as piece of writing.  You will also need to show a minimum language proficiency (e.g. OPIc/WPT) of advanced-low in a language other than English.

Certificate in Heritage Language Instructors

Heritage Language Instructors

Jenna Cushing-Leubner
Assistant Professor

Heritage Language Instructors

J. Eik Diggs

Heritage Language Instructors

Josh Prada
Assistant Professor

Heritage Language Instructors

Gwen Kong

Heritage Language Instructors

Natalia Benjamin

Heritage Language Instructors

Dr. Maria del Carmen De Avila
Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition

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