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Latine/x & Chicane/x Studies for Educators Series

We have heard from so many of our Spanish language teachers that they want to expand or deepen their knowledge to include race and ethnic studies topics. This series is for you! We are continuing to grow our professional development offerings for  Latine/x and Chicane/x Studies for Educators  here! Pay close attention to the topic and the format. Some of these will be in our regular synchronous video-based setting and some of these will be offered asynchronous. Just like our other professional development, every course is facilitated by expert educators with both academic and experiential knowledge about the topics. Language use is  translingual (Spanish, Spanglish, and English), unless otherwise noted.   

If you have questions, please contact Dr. Jenna Cushing-Leubner (Certificates in Heritage Language Education Coordinator):

Heritage Language

Afro-Centric SHL
June 8 - July 20, 2022

Heritage Language

Latinx Literature for Educators
Spring 2021

Heritage Language

Intro Latinx/Chicanx Studies
January 2021

Heritage Language

Intro to Chicanx Lit
Fall 2021

Heritage Language

Intro Race & Ethnic Studies
Fall 2020

Latine/x & Chicane/x Studies for Educators Instructors

Heritage Language Instructors

Jenna Cushing-Leubner
Assistant Professor

Heritage Language Instructors

Natalia Benjamin

Heritage Language Instructors

Dr. Maria del Carmen De Avila
Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition

Heritage Language Instructors

Dr. Pilar Melero

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