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Contact or call 262-472-3165 to discuss pricing.  Have a marketing or graphic question?  Email and we can help!

Our Services included in the base fee:

Digi Advertising March - June*

  • Google display ads for general UWW summer events
  • Google search ads for general UWW summer events
  • Bulk mail all-event brochure to past participants
  • SnapChat geofence filter for campus for June and July
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising split between all summer events and specific ads for the largest camps
  • SnapChat advertising split between all summer events and specific ads for the largest camps

*Your summer event must be ready to accept registrations by Feburary 1st to be included fully in this marketing plan.

Other Ads*

  • 3 event specific emails per each event
  • 3 social media postes per event to CES channels (Facebook, Instagram, Rock)
  • 1 Facebook event per event
  • Monthly cross promotional emails to large audiences beginning in February.  These combine all lists for prospect audiences.
  • Free social posts for all cross promotional
  • All appropriate digi ads and posts will include program/camp tags/handles where available
  • Press release on event as a whole
  • Submission of event announcements (registration open, etc.) in on-campus, faculty, Warhawk family, and alumni enewsletters.
  • Attempt to secure home page hero graphic for events in April or May
  • Postcards design- as requested
  • T-Shirts - as requested.  Printing at events expense**
  • Print or site-specific advertising - as requested
  • CES office various graphics

*Your event is included in these marketing efforts when it is ready to accept registrations.  No deadline to be included in this marketing plan.  We encourage you to have your event registration live for at least three months to allow us to advertise it properly.

**T-Shirts - branded to UWW and the event itself instead of event specific only

Additional fees:

  • Postcard printing at events expense
  • Paid social media ads
  • Nametag printing
  • Sign printing
  • Ribbon printing
  • T-Shirt printing at event's expense*
  • Program creation and printing
  • Certificates

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