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You're busy.  Spend time where you're needed most and let our seasoned professionals work their magic.  Our team will build you a great-looking webpage tailored to tell your event's unique story.   The web management service includes web design, development, analytics, and support. 

We will help you manage all your provided content, including pages, components, and assets like images, media, and documents. 

Contact or call 262-472-3165 to discuss pricing.  Have a website question?  Email and we can help!

Our Services included in the base fee:

Additional Fees:

  • Addtional web page(s)
  • Uploading videos
  • Recording at your event (when student staff is available)

Our team prides themselves in helping you achieve your educational, professional, and lifelong learning goals. Click below to learn more about the professionals that make up our team, their expertise areas, and how to get in touch.

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