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Auditing Courses at UW-Whitewater, Part I

Guest Auditors

Alumni and community members have the opportunity to attend a wide selection of UW-Whitewater courses on a not-for-credit basis. Auditing courses is for learners who are not currently enrolled in a degree program or are not pursuing a degree. If you want to attend class without earning credits, auditing is for you.

What is Auditing?

Auditing students attend class informally. Instructors may or may not reqire auditors to take exams or actively participate in class assignments and projects, but regular attendance is expected. They do not receive academic credit for their attendance and participation, however courses that are successfully audited do appear with a grade of "X" on an official transcript. Not all classes are available to audit. College of Business and Economics courses, online courses, off campus and remedial courses do not allow auditing. Auditing for any other course is subject to instructor’s approval and space permitting. You can explore UW-Whitewater classes during a given term using the online course catalog.

Tuition and Fees

Guest auditors who are Wisconsin residents pay 30% of the normal per credit academic fee. Nonresidents pay 50% of the normal per credit academic fee.  Tuition for auditors that are 60 years of age or older is waived. A fee of approximately $2.50 per unit (credit) will be assessed for required textbooks. Tuition for disabled auditors who are receiving Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Income Program benefits will be waived, provided that verifiable documentation is attached to the audit registration form. Any special course fees other than the normal tuition (e.g., for field trips or special materials), will be charged regardless of the auditor’s age or disability status. 

More information on the audit policy can be found here

Application Process

There are several steps to apply as a guest auditor at UW-Whitewater. First, you will need to obtain an Audit Registration Form from the Registrar’s Office, located in 2032 Roseman. Complete the form with all the required personal and course information.  You will need to obtain the instructor’s permission to audit the course. You can find contact information for the instructor using the UW-Whitewater Directory. It is a good idea to contact the instructor for the course you would like to audit prior to the first class. If they agree, they will sign the Audit Registration form on the first day of class, or sooner if they are available before classes begin. Once you have obtained instructor permission and completed the Audit Registration Form, return it to the Registrar’s Office. They will register you as an auditing student, and will email you when you are officially enrolled.

Audit Registration Forms must be completed and submitted each semester.

Next Steps

Wait, there’s more! After you submit the Audit Registration Form to the Registrar’s Office, you will need to complete a few steps to get started with your class. Please click below to continue with your next steps.

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