Study Abroad

Study Abroad Resources for Student Athletes

Student athletes can, and do, study abroad!

Talk with your coach

  • Give your coach plenty of notice that you are planning to study abroad
  • Explain to your coach why studying abroad is a priority for your college education - coaches are likely to be supportive of your decision (you're a student athlete, after all!)
  • Discuss ways to stay active while abroad

Program Ideas

Student athletes may want to choose a study abroad program that does not conflict with their sports season. Here are some ideas to consider:

While You're Abroad

  • Stay active
    • Cross-train by renting a bike or running
    • Join a gym
    • Join a club or intramural team at the abroad university
    • Find others in the same boat, it's always easier to stay active if you have someone to work out with
    • Learn to play a new sport/game and make it cultural!
  • Stay connected to your team
    • Skype with your teammates
  • Create a blog that your teammates can follow and stay updated with your adventures
  • Enjoy being a spectator - become a fan of local sports teams!

Additional Resources

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Study Abroad
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International Student Support
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