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Explore a world of professional possibilities! Two undergraduate majors (Communication and Journalism) offer six areas of study to accommodate a wide variety of interests. Students can even create their own individualized degree! Get started on your journey by scrolling through the options below to learn more.

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The Audio Certificate is available to any major/student at the University.

The changing media landscape and growth of digital and streaming content have created huge demand for audio professionals. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the audio job market is expected to grow more than 6% through 2029. Students who complete the Audio Certificate will be prepared for professional success through a combination of an introductory production course, hands-on practicums, and applied production courses.  

After completing the certificate, students will be able to: 

  • Speak critically about audio recordings and other audio works. 
  • Identify the appropriate sound equipment and techniques to apply in a given audio production situation. 
  • Perform the manual operations necessary to effectively utilize the mechanical and electronic systems that enhance audio design. 

Click here to view the Audio Certificate check sheet. 

The Communication Competence Certificate is available to any major/student at the University.

Demand for effective communication skills in employees continues to be a top priority in hiring and in promotion decisions at companies and organizations large and small. According to the NACE Job Outlook report, employers identify both written communication and verbal communication among the top skills they look for on candidates’ resumes. The Communication Competence Certificate offers theoretical, applied, and practical communication knowledge and skill sets that will get the attention of employers and benefit the student professionally and personally. The classes included in the Communication Competence Certificate focus on incorporating knowledge and skills in realistic settings and foster effective and appropriate communication with others from different cultures, backgrounds and experiences. 

After completing the certificate, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence in oral and interpersonal skills relevant to the professionals in their fields.
  • Learn effective written communication skills.
  • Demonstrate competence in collaboration skills by working with others to complete tasks and team projects.
  • Obtain both conflict resolution and negotiation skills and be able to identify key dimensions related to persuasion.
  • Be able to identify the various leadership styles of managers and be able to discuss the pros and cons of each.
  • Be able to critique and analyze the many applications (and roles) of Social Media.
  • Determine and apply the most strategic communication vehicles in achieving organizational objectives.
  • Create a professional resume and cover letter.
  • Learn how to set, follow-through and reflect on professional goals.
  • Speak effectively in public, small group and interpersonal settings.
  • Identify various team roles and utilize those roles in a positive manner to meet the team’s goals and objectives.
  • Be able to analyze their personal leadership styles and practice leadership communication skills across leadership contexts – working with teams to communities to social movements.

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The Creative Communication Certificate is available to any major/student at the University.

According to LinkedIn, creativity is one of the top skills that employers look for when hiring. In research done in 2019, 2020, and 2021, creativity was identified as the #1 soft skill desired by organizations across the business landscape. The Creative Communication Certificate offers the opportunity for Communication and Journalism students to not only strengthen their creative thinking and development abilities, but also to produce creative work that can be presented to employers as tangible examples of a student's creative skills. After completing required courses in Creative Enterprise and Communication, students will be able to select from a variety of courses that allow them to produce creative works and apply creativity in the context of organizations, businesses, and the arts. 

After completing the certificate, students will be able to: 

  • Develop creative ideas and translate them into viable communication, organization, and business opportunities 
  • Understand the role of Creative Enterprise and entrepreneurship in today’s professional landscape 
  • Identify personal passions, skills, and potential for success as a creative intrapreneur/entrepreneur 
  • Understand the purpose and components of business plans and strategic documents related to creativity 
  • Identify resources necessary to execute creative and business opportunities 
  • Analyze the business environment from the perspective of a creative intrapreneur/entrepreneur 

Click here to view the Creative Communication check sheet.

Demand for professionals with social media and digital communication skills has exploded. LinkedIn’s 2021 Jobs on the Rise Report highlighted the powerful digital transformation happening globally and predicted growth of 150 million technology/digital jobs in the next five years. The Digital Communication Certificate prepares students for a wide range of these in-demand digital careers by offering classes in social media, new communication technologies, content creation, and multimedia design. Students learn marketable skills including engaging with users and consumers, creating digital strategy and content, and analyzing social media data.  

After completing the certificate, students will be able to: 

  • Produce content appropriate for a variety of social media environments. 
  • Use web analytics and research methods to analyze social media success and increase online presence. 
  • Build a web presence in a collaborative online environment. 
  • Apply communication theory to how social media affects human interaction. 

Click here to view the Digital Communication check sheet.

The Event Planning and Promotion Certificate is available to any major/student at the University.

From national and international corporate parties, national political conventions, global academic conferences, and huge non-profit fundraisers to PTO family events, local weddings, and scouting retreats, the demand for accomplished event planners is significant and increasing. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, event planning is expected to grow at a significantly higher rate than other professions over the next 10 years. By completing the courses in this certificate program, students will gain the specific skills necessary to effectively plan and promote events and will obtain the experience and resume credentials needed for success in this rapidly growing field.

After completing this certificate, students will be able to:

  • Apply strategic planning techniques to the design and implementation of special events.
  • Design communication campaigns to inform target publics about special events and to promote the activities.
  • Gain knowledge of communication theories and their application to promoting special events.
  • Understand the critical role of certain infrastructure concerns for special events, such as staffing and logistics issues.
  • Develop and manage event budgets.
  • Enhance their leadership and interpersonal communication skills.​
  • Develop an expanded awareness of diversity as it applies to large-scale planning, including aspects of needs assessments of audiences and ethical decision making.

Click here to view the Event Planning & Promotion Certificate check sheet.

The ability to critically analyze media is a key component of professional success as well as a necessary skill for civic participation and consumer health. The increasing use of the internet has meant that media literacy is more important than ever. Hyperpolitical divisions, deceptive advertising, social media bubbles, and extensive online misrepresentation are creating a pressing need for media literate individuals. This certificate will provide students with well-developed media literacy skills.

Click here to view the Mass Media Literacy check sheet.

The Sports Communication Certificate helps prepare students for a wide variety of in-demand jobs related to sports journalism/broadcasting and sports promotion. Opportunities in sports coverage include roles as news reporters, writers, anchors, announcers, producers, camera operators, and photographers. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 6% growth from 2020-2030 for reporters, journalists, and news analysts. Students interested in strategic communication for sports will be prepared for jobs in sports communication, team marketing, social media management, and media/public relations for sport organizations. Media and communication jobs including PR are expected to grow 14% between 2020-2030 (BLS, 2021). 

After completing the certificate, students will be able to: 

  • Effectively convey information and express ideas pertaining to sports in contemporary media. 
  • Demonstrate the responsible and ethical use of mass media to disseminate information to sports-interested audiences. 
  • Articulate the role of sports in culture and society and the media’s relationship to that role 
  • Meet the demands and challenges of informing the public about sports while understanding the norms of amateur and professional sports organizations. 

Click here to view the Sports Communication check sheet.

The combination of introductory writing and production courses in this certificate, along with practicums and production-based applied elective coursework provide students with a well-rounded experience in the field of video production.

Click here to view the Video Production check sheet.

A student can also minor in any of the six emphasis areas, or complete our general communication minor. In addition to our great undergraduate majors and minors, the Department of Communication also offers a fully online master’s degree in Communication, and a number of master’s certificates.

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