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Elizabeth Kim
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Inclusive Excellence Program

"The central premise of Inclusive Excellence holds that UW System colleges and universities need to intentionally integrate their diversity efforts into the core aspects of their institutions - such as their academic priorities, leadership, quality improvement initiatives, decision-making, day to-day operations, and organizational cultures - in order to maximize their success. ... Inclusive Excellence offers an approach for organizing our work in a deliberate, intentional and coordinated manner."[1] 

 The UWW Inclusive Excellence guidelines state that "Among the most important elements of Inclusive Excellence is the understanding that 1) equity goals cannot be reached without the commitment and involvement of the entire university, 2) a strong liberal arts education cannot be achieved without diversity education at its core, and 3) none of our students can be prepared for a twenty-first-century world without multicultural competencies.[2]   The College of Letters & Sciences joins UWW's commitment to Inclusive Excellence.  This website represents one part of our college's efforts to establish a "comprehensive and well-coordinated set of systemic actions that focus specifically on fostering greater diversity, equity, inclusion, and accountability."

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[2] assessment guidelines.pdf

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