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The College of Letters and Sciences is firmly committed to a faculty advising model in which students are assigned to instructional staff members within the department of their major to meet with one-on-one each semester in order to track progress to degree, explore co-curricular opportunities, and prepare for the journey beyond graduation. Within the advising structure of the College of Letters and Sciences, we seek to build upon effective first-year advising, form relationships with students, and assist them in setting and achieving goals.

Academic Advising

The objectives of academic advising are to:

  1. Provide accurate information on institutional policies, requirements, and resources and to assist individual students in making appropriate course selections to fulfill all graduation requirements.
  2. Aid students in a continuing and realistic appraisal of their choice of major and their success in all aspects of the academic program.
  3. Lend support and encouragement to students as they pursue their educational and personal goals.
  4. Make referrals to campus resources when appropriate.
  5. Support students in goal-making and future planning to include talk of career options and prospects, graduate school, and opportunities within and beyond the curriculum to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities desired by employers and expressed in the LEAP Essential Learning Outcomes.


College of Letters and Sciences Advising Office
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