College of Arts and Communication


This year faculty, staff and student organizations, through their advisors, are invited to apply for matching funds from the College of Arts & Communication Visiting Artist/Speaker Program to assist in bringing artist and professionals to perform, demonstrate, create, exhibit, and interact with our student and faculty. The purpose of these visits is to enhance and reinforce student experiences in the classroom, on the stage, and in the studio or labs, and to present students with a variety of perspectives, and techniques.


Oct 15 – 2 nd round proposals due
Mar 15 – 1 st round proposals due


  1. Applications must be made by a member of the College of Arts and Communication faculty, staff, or student organizations. Applicants are encouraged to collaborate with faculty from other departments and colleges to propose interdisciplinary guest artists.
  2. Persons wishing to apply for Visiting Artist/Speaker Program funds should complete an application and submit it to the Associate Dean's office (Room 2030) by the deadline announced in the call for proposals.
  3. Proposals will be evaluated and awards made by the Visiting Artist/Speaker Committee according to the guidelines below.


  1. Priority will be given to applications for Visiting Artist/Speakers that involve large numbers of the College's students and faculty, and activities involving students and faculty from more than one department.
  2. During their stay, each Visiting Artist/Speaker must:
    1. give a presentation, open to the public
    2. interact with College of Arts and Communication faculty in an organized manner
    3. work with the students in a class, workshop, seminar, or other appropriate way.
  3. Each application must contain a letter of support from the Department Chair.  The Chair's letter should indicate the dollar amount of departmental support for the proposal, if applicable, and this amount must be included in the budget summary.
  4. The department(s) supporting a proposal must financially participate.  The expected amount is a 3:1 match between the College fund and the combined department(s) and other sources.  Exceptions will be considered, and should be explained in the application form.  Funds to match the College Fund amount can come from any sources: department accounts, student organizations, gifts, or segregated fee accounts when appropriate.
  5. Successful applicants must see that the Visiting Artist/Speaker's presentations are advertised and promoted to the campus community.  This should include, but not be limited to newspaper items, photographs, radio or television, and on-campus announcements.  Include funds for publicity, advertising, programs, etc. in the budget summary on the application.  A list of contact persons and campus resources to assist with this requirement is provided with applications forms.
  6. The recipients must provide a short report to the Director of Marketing & Events within two weeks following the event.

For more information and to obtain the application: