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A career field on the move.

We offer a robust and versatile program that prepares you for careers in Physical Education, Health Education and Adapted PE.

4-year plan


What our Physical Education students do

Gain first-hand teaching experience in diverse schools

Pursue research with faculty mentors

Collaborate with faculty, organizations, and local schools to develop skills and professionalism

Hands-on and cross-cultural experiences

As a Physical Education student at UW-Whitewater, you will participate in a sequence of school-based opportunities to build your professional skills.

Student teaching and field experiences
Starting sophomore year, Physical Education students complete field studies in a variety of settings to observe and practice Elementary PE, Secondary PE, Adapted PE and Health Education. During senior year, each student completes full-time student-teaching placements in elementary, middle, and secondary schools for a more in-depth teaching experience.


One person guides another person through air-filled gym equipment.


Service learning
Embedded into our curriculum you’ll find several courses with a service-learning element. For example, students in Adapted PE courses visit the Wisconsin School for the Blind and Wisconsin Special Olympics programs.



Students have the opportunity to be certified in a range of personal and professional development areas. Students in the Teaching Fitness course, for example, have the option to be certified in the Physical Best certification.

Travel study courses
Take a semester-long course that culminates in a short-term international travel experience with a faculty member and your classmates. Our current Travel Study to Australia explores the sport and recreation philosophies in three main cities — Sydney, Brisbane, and Cairns.


Students laugh together at a bingo table


Our students engage in research with a faculty mentor, which can lead to co-authoring a paper or presenting at a national conference.

On-campus employment
Many of our students gain real-world experience through on-campus employment in our department, at the fitness center, or with our coaching staff and athletic trainers.

Campus and community involvement

UW-Whitewater offers several student organizations that are of interest to Physical Education students. 

Health, Physical Education, and Adapted PE Majors Club
HPEA Club Members participate in monthly professional development opportunities together, and they attend both state and national conferences to learn more about — and participate in —  the profession.

Our facilities

Our updated motion analysis lab features equipment such as a CSMi isokinetic dynamometer, force plates, Parvo Medics metabolic cart, tendo unit, and a Biodex Balance System. The lab also has upper body and cycle ergometers and other equipment used for aerobic and anaerobic capacity tests. 

This equipment is used for class laboratories, honors options, and undergraduate research projects, such as measuring muscle imbalances, likelihood of muscular injury, and sports training program assessment. 

Physical Education jobs: Career success

Our program prepares students for an array of careers in physical education and health education. 

Our graduates go on to teach Physical Education, Adapted PE, and Health Education in PreK-12 schools in Wisconsin. 

Our faculty

Among our faculty, you’ll find award-winning teachers with impressive credentials:

  • Kathleen Happel regularly advocates for adapted physical education and creating inclusive settings in all aspects of the classroom.
  • Nikki Hollett has ongoing collaborations with local teachers to provide students with real-world scenarios to develop effective teaching behaviors.
  • Jaehun Jung conducted a research project examining the differences between alternatively and traditionally certified physical educators in learning opportunities, including completion of teaching methods courses and participation in professional development opportunities.
  • Nathan Tokarek is a strong proponent of integrating outdoor spaces into the classroom environment and the development of healthy behaviors among children and adolescents.

Additionally, our faculty collaborate with colleagues in other departments, including psychology, geography and UW-Whitewater Athletics.

Meet our faculty

Want to learn more about becoming a Physical Education or Health Education teacher, or studying Education at UW-Whitewater?

UW-Whitewater offers the following Physical Education, Health Education and Adapted PE degrees:

Bachelor of Science in Education — Physical Education - Health Education and Adapted PE Emphasis | 4-year plan [PDF]

In addition to your general education requirements, your degree program and major will require core and elective classes.



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