Counselor Education

Student Experience

Our students bring a wide variety of interests and academic backgrounds into the program. They find many ways to get involved in professional development and community service during their time here.

Practicum and Internship

Part of our students experiential learning happens during practicum and internship. Practicum is offered through Winther Counseling Services, an on-campus clinic for students and community members. Internship culminates your learning journey, gaining practical experience at a site that matches your interests. To learn more, please watch here.

Study Abroad Options

Our program is proud to offer study abroad opportunities for graduate students in the Counselor Education program, regardless of year in program or emphasis. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many specifics for the study abroad options are uncertain and still in the works. In the past students have had the opportunity to spend one to two months in Scotland over the summer while taking classes; this trip occurred on even summers (e.g. 2018 and 2020). On odd summers (e.g. 2019 and 2021), students have an opportunity to spend a month in Guatemala following the summer semester for a service-learning trip. More information will be available soon; any additional questions can be directed to your faculty advisor.

Student Organizations

GSCA is a professional student organization for UW-Whitewater Counselor Education Students. All counselor education students, regardless of credit accumulation or GPA, may become a member of GSCA, participating in GSCA events and receiving GSCA support and correspondence.

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ASGC is a professional student organization for UW-Whitewater Graduate students of color. AGSC is open to all individuals interested in discussing both personal and societal stories of injustices and perseverance. AGSC provides a safe space to connect with each other and support students of color becoming professionals in their careers.


Our alumni hold a range of positions in the counseling field and beyond. Join UWW to become a part of a network of individuals who are committed to impacting change in schools and communities.

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