College of Education & Professional Studies


Communication Sciences and Disorders

...provides the academic and clinical preparation for undergraduate students in normal communication processes and introductory skill development in communication disorders. The department also provides a comprehensive academic and clinical program for graduate students including on-site and off-site clinical experiences that culminate in the requisite masters degree for practice in speech-language pathology nationally.

Counselor Education

...leading to the Master of Science in Counseling, prepares its graduates to work in a variety of settings.

Curriculum and Instruction

...provides students with the opportunity to prepare for careers as teachers.

Educational Foundations

...provides the substantive underpinnings of teacher education: diversity, development, learning, motivation, assessment, research, discipline, and related areas. The Challenging Advanced Learners, Library Media and Standards and Assessment programs are also housed in Educational Foundations.

Leadership: Military Science or Aerospace Studies

...offers programs which may be pursued by any student desiring instruction, practical experience, and credentials in leadership.


...offers two majors: a broadfield (K-12) physical education major leading to teacher licensure with the option of additional licenses in Health Education and Adapted Physical Education; and a Human Performance major leading to careers in the exercise sciences, health, fitness, and sport/recreation management fields. Minors in coaching, strength & conditioning, health promotion, recreation management, sport management, and health education are available.

Special Education

...prepares professionals for working with persons with exceptional educational needs (EEN), from birth to adulthood.