College of Education & Professional Studies


Communication Sciences and Disorders

...provides the academic and clinical preparation for undergraduate students in normal communication processes and introductory skill development in communication disorders. The department also provides a comprehensive academic and clinical program for graduate students including on-site and off-site clinical experiences that culminate in the requisite masters degree for practice in speech-language pathology nationally.

Counselor Education

...leading to the Master of Science in Counseling, prepares its graduates to work in a variety of settings.

Curriculum and Instruction

...provides students with the opportunity to prepare for careers as teachers.

Educational Foundations

...provides the substantive underpinnings of teacher education: diversity, development, learning, motivation, assessment, research, discipline, and related areas. The Challenging Advanced Learners, Library Media and Standards and Assessment programs are also housed in Educational Foundations.

Leadership: Military Science or Aerospace Studies

...offers programs which may be pursued by any student desiring instruction, practical experience, and credentials in leadership.

Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Coaching

...offers a broadfield (K-12) physical education major leading to teacher licensure and a non-teaching emphasis leading to careers in health promotion, human performance, and recreation. Minors in health promotion, health education, recreation, and coaching are available.

Special Education

...prepares professionals for working with persons with exceptional educational needs (EEN), from birth to adulthood.