UW-Whitewater LIFE Program

Is LIFE Right for my Student?

The LIFE Program will only accept students who will benefit from the services that we provide, so the information below should help prospective students and their parents understand who would be a good fit.

Student qualifications include

  • Between 18-25 years of age upon acceptance.
  • Documentation of an intellectual disability.
  • Ability to function independently for a couple of hours or more.
  • No significant behavioral problems.
  • Ability to take medication independently, or with prompting provided by common technology
  • Ability to take care of important day-to-day needs, such as following a specialized diet.
  • Can perform a basic hygiene routine independently or with minimal supports.
  • Motivation to obtain a job and to work hard to keep it.
  • Ability to adapt to change. Campus and work environments are dynamic and students must not be overly-stressed by transitions or adjustments to daily routines.
  • Ability to respect self and others.
  • Willingness to accept responsibility for actions and receive feedback.
  • Interest in being around other people and forming friendships and professional relationships.
  • Motivation to live independently. It is also important that the student has parent/guardian support to live independently by gradually letting go.
  • Some employment/volunteer experience.

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    Is LIFE Right for My Student?

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