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Medical Withdrawal

Steps to Request a Medical Withdrawal From UW-W

A Medical Withdrawal is granted in rare instances where a student is faced with a serious and unexpected condition that completely precludes him/her from being able to function as a student and in which the regular university withdrawal process is not appropriate. The deadline for the regular university withdrawal is very liberal and students are encouraged to utilize the regular university withdrawal process to insure withdrawal deadlines are met. Instructions on how to withdraw from a term can be found at   Students may subsequently also apply for a medical withdrawal for financial consideration if the withdrawal takes place during the first 12 weeks of the semester.

Students may apply for a Medical Withdrawal up to two years after the end of the term in question, however no tuition remission will be considered for withdrawals after the 12th week of the semester in question or for medical withdrawal applications that are submitted after the semester is completed.


1. Complete the Medical Withdrawal Request Form [PDF], which can be obtained in the Dean of Students Office (Andersen Suite 2130) or found online. The form must be completed in full and must be accompanied by both a personal written statement and the supporting documentation cited below. Attach a written statement that thoroughly addresses each of the following points:

a. Describe the medical condition/circumstances that required you to withdraw from the university.

b. Explain in detail how/why the medical condition/circumstances prevented you from completing the academic term.

c. Detail the dates of the onset of your medical condition/circumstances, along with the dates of any treatment you received, if appropriate.

d. If you stopped attending classes, explain why and when. (Please note: nonattendance does not exempt you from academic and financial responsibilities.)

e. If you stopped attending classes, explain what other campus services you continued to utilize (such as purple points, meal plan, Health and Counseling, attendance at students events).

f. If you did not utilize the regular withdrawal process, thoroughly explain why not.

Make sure that your written statement thoroughly addresses every point (a-f) above. If it doesn't, your application will not be considered complete.

Supporting Documentation

a. You must include a letter from your health care provider(s) or other pertinent sources. The documentation should be on clinic letterhead and your health care provider must address each of the following areas:

1. Describe the diagnosed medical or psychological condition or circumstances, and indicate when treatment commenced.

2. Explain how the condition impacts this student. Does it completely preclude the student from attending classes and completing the semester? If so, please describe how and why.

3. Address potential health/clinical consequences if a medical withdrawal is not granted.

b. You must provide written confirmation from each of your instructors of your last date of attendance (if you stopped attending classes). The best way to do this is to ask them to send an email message with the information to

2. Submit all materials to the Dean of Students Office. Only medical withdrawal applications that are complete and contain all of the above materials will be considered.

3. After the materials are received, your request will be evaluated by the Medical Withdrawal Review Committee and you will be notified when it has been approved or denied. The Medical Withdrawal Review Committee meets once per month and the deadline for application materials to be complete is three business days in advance of the meeting.

4. Please note that a Medical Withdrawal is granted in rare instances where a student is faced with a serious and unexpected condition that completely precludes him/her from being able to function as a student. If a request is approved, the student may be required to submit documentation from a health care provider to indicate his/her ability to function successfully prior to subsequent enrollment. Additional requests for a medical withdrawal are normally not granted for the same circumstances.

Important Notes:

  • International students, student athletes, students with a disability, and students who are receiving financial aid, veteran's, and/or other benefits and who are considering withdrawing from the university must meet with the appropriate official (e.g., international student advisor, director of athletics, staff from the Center for Students with a Disability, financial aid counselor, or veteran's affairs officer) before withdrawing since there may be legal, certification, and/or repayment penalties associated with doing so.
  • Medical withdrawal results in withdrawal from all classes. Students who are considering the medical withdrawal process and wish to drop some, but not all, of their classes for a term should instead contact their course instructors for information about requesting course late drops.

If withdrawing from the university, please complete the following steps:

  • Return your books to Textbook Rental.
  • If living in the residence halls, make arrangements with your Resident Assistant and Complex Director to check out of your room. You will be charged until you have removed all of your items and have formally checked out.
  • If you have a parking permit for your vehicle, return it to the Visitor's Center.
  • Cancel Food Plan and/or Purple Point Account at the HawkCard Office, UC-250, 472-1437.
  • If receiving Veteran's Benefits, notify the Veteran's Coordinator in the Registrar's Office, 2032 Roseman Hall, 472-1580.
  • Student Loans: Students who have borrowed from the Perkins or Direct Loan programs are federally required to schedule an Exit Counseling session. Contact the Loan Services Office, 111 Hyer Hall, 472-1373 for additional information.
  • Return any borrowed materials from the University Library.
  • All outstanding bills and university obligations must be paid/fulfilled.

All questions, correspondence, and documentation should be addressed to:

Dean of Students Office
800 West Main Street
Andersen Suite 2130
Whitewater, WI 53190
Phone: 262-472-1533
Fax: 262-472-1275

Downloadable Medical Withdrawal Request Form:

Medical Withdrawal Request Form [PDF]

The form linked above is in Acrobat Format. If you have trouble viewing Acrobat Format, you might need to download and install Acrobat reader for FREE. Please click here to download Adobe Reader.


Andersen Suite 2130
Phone: (262) 472-1533
Fax: (262) 472-1275

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