First Year Experience


Are you a music major?  If so, I-IV-V-I is the Learning Community for you!

Music majors will be automatically signed up for this community that takes courses together, and lives in Lee Hall.  Students in this community live in Lee Hall with a student participating in one of twelve learning communities in the building. Students will be enrolled into a section of New Student Seminar that is exclusively for Music students, as well as a dedicated World of the Arts class taught by a faculty member in the College of Arts and Communication.  World of the Arts is a course music students need to fulfill pre-requisites for future courses in the music department, and is a required course for graduation.  Joining this group will assure music majors a section of New Student Seminar and World of the Arts with like minded students.  Students will also have the opportunity to work closely with our Learning Community, Beaux Arts, both in and outside of the classroom.  Opportunities to attend shows, musicals, and performances will be available to the students in I-IV-V-I. Students will visit Milwaukee and Madison to explore museums and enjoy a performance by the Madison Symphony Orchestra.  

Who can I live with if I join this Learning Community?

  • Lee Hall - roommate would be someone participating in one of the twelve LCs in that building

Available For:

  • Music Majors

Learning Community Coordinator

Dr. Christopher Ramaekers


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