General Education Program

General Education Requirements

Contact Information

Susan Johnson
Associate Dean/Associate Professor
For questions/appeals regarding a re-evaluation of transfer credits, university general education requirements or CORE course enrollment  
Phone: (262) 472-4766
Location: Laurentide Hall 4114

Communication and Calculation Skills (12-13 credits or waivers)

ENGLISH 101: Freshman English I
ENGLISH 102: Freshman English II
COMM 110: Introduction to Human Communication
MATH 139 Quantitative Reasoning or MATH 140 Mathematical Ideas or MATH 142 College Algebra

Quantitative and Technical Reasoning (7-11 credits)

Selected from science, math and computer science courses from at least two different disciplines. At least one course must be a 4-5 credit laboratory science.

Cultural Heritages (6 credits)

CORE 110: World of the Arts*
CORE 390: World of Ideas*

Communities (6 credits)

CORE 130: Individual and Society*
CORE 120: Historical Perspectives* OR
CORE 140: Global Perspectives*

Personal Health and Fitness (1 credit)

PENGRL 192: Personal Health and Fitness**

Breadth Electives (8-12 credits)

Select from courses in the arts, humanities, social sciences, ethnic studies, women and gender studies, and interdisciplinary courses. (No more than one course from a discipline may be counted in electives.)

* for transfer students, Core courses requirements will be determined on the basis of the number of credits transferred and the distribution of the student course work.

* * transfer students may substitute 1 credit of PEGNRL coursework.