School of Graduate Studies

Graduate Assistantships (GA)

Students enrolled in a graduate program in “good standing” status and registered for at least nine (9), but no more than twelve (12) graduate credits each semester are eligible to receive and maintain a graduate assistantship. Students receiving full assistantship awards are expected to perform 20 hours of service per week. Workloads for partial assistantships are reduced proportionately.  

Graduate assistant assignments are typically made for Fall and/or Spring semesters, and involve duties relating to work as a research assistant, laboratory assistant, classroom assistant, etc. Graduate assistants do not teach college-level classes.

The availability of graduate assistantships is contingent upon State budget allocations.

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The 2023-2024 academic year, approximate 9-month graduate assistant salary is $10,985; 20 hours per week per semester. When funds are available, students who receive an assistantship of at least two-thirds (14 hours per week) of the maximum award for the academic year or semester will qualify for fringe benefits (such as health, dental and life insurance). Regular incidental fees charged by the University are paid by the student.

When funds are available, non-residents receiving at least a two-thirds award will also qualify for a remission of the non-resident portion of tuition costs for the corresponding time period. Graduate assistants who receive non-resident fee remissions for the spring semester may also have the out-of-state portion of their tuition waived for the following summer session.

This manual will include answers to most of your questions about graduate assistantships.  Whether you are applying or a department seeking to hire.  This manual will guide you on our processes.

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    Contact, if you have any questions.

    You must submit a new Graduate Assistant Application for each academic year for which you are seeking employment.

    To apply for a Graduate Assistantship, the following items must be completed and submitted:

    • the application for a Graduate Assistantship;
    • a goal statement (include in Graduate Assistantship application form) indicating why you are pursuing a graduate degree in the discipline stated on the application-include comments on past education or professional achievements or future career goals; and
    • students who have not already been admitted to a degree program must complete and return an application for admission to the School of Graduate Studies (applications cannot be processed until an official copy of each undergraduate and graduate transcript and the non-refundable admission application fee have been received by the School of Graduate Studies).
    • a supervisor referral is requested in the application for all new applicants

    Completed applications should be received by 4:30 pm on 15 February 2024 to receive full consideration. Early applications are encouraged as all available positions may be filled by March 15. Individuals applying after 15 February 2024 will be accepted and encouraged to contact the graduate program coordinator to which they are applying.

    Recipients will be notified in writing and issued a contract letter approximately six to eight weeks after the application deadline.

    Individuals applying after the deadline will be accepted and are encouraged to contact the coordinator of the graduate program to which they are applying.

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    The School of Graduate Studies is authorized by the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System to award graduate assistantships to selected full-time graduate students. Such awards, fringe benefits and nonresident fee remissions are conditional upon legislative appropriation of the funds for these programs.

    Employment as a Graduate Assistant is contingent upon the successful outcome of a criminal background check. A pending criminal charge or conviction will not necessarily disqualify an applicant. In compliance with the Wisconsin Fair Employment Act, the University does not discriminate on the basis of arrest or conviction record.

    If a department has an allocated graduate assistantship position open and is interested in your application, they will contact you.

    Completed applications will remain in a pool of eligible assistantships until the end of the academic year, or until a position has been accepted by the applicant.

    All terms and conditions above are subject to change without notice. Final decisions as to the awarding of assistantships are made by authorized officials of the University.

    Graduate Students awarding Graduate Assistantships are expected to maintain “good standing” status during the period of their award and remain registered for at least nine (9), but no more than twelve (12) graduate credits in order to maintain eligibility.

    Students failing to maintain “good status” in any semester, or falling below full-time enrolled status, must submit an appeal to be considered for an exemption.  Exceptions are only considered for one semester and cannot be renewed.

    A student should follow this procedure:

    1. Request for a specific exception to graduate assistantship eligibility is presented by the student in writing to the School of Graduate Studies. This request should provide clearly stated reasons that may justify an exception including detailed plans for raising the student’s cumulative graduate grade point average in the upcoming semester or the rationale for maintaining the graduate assistantship work commitment while dropping below full-time enrollment in the students’ program of study.
    2. Student’s should solicit a letter of support from the coordinator of the graduate program (or academic department) to verify that the student’s plan to return to “good standing” is reasonable and can be accomplished in a semester, or that continuing as a graduate assistant will not compromise the student’s academic performance. The coordinator of the graduate program will forward the student’s request and the program’s recommendation to the School of Graduate Studies.
    3. The School of Graduate Studies will review appeals.  Students will be notified of the decision by the dean of Graduate Studies within one week.   All decisions are final.
    4. Students are expected to submit an appeal as soon as they are aware of a change in their eligibility for their graduate assistantship.
    Department Contacts - Areas listing a contact are open to inquiries about their Graduate Assistantship positions Status Filled/Open
    Academic Advising and Exploration Center Filled
    Center for Students with Disabilities Sara Vogt (
    College of Business and Economics
    College of Education and Professional Studies
    Communication Corey Davis ( Filled
    Communication Sciences and Disorders Filled
    Computer Science Filled
    First Year Experience Filled
    Higher Education Leadership Courtney Luedke (
    Learning Technology Center Filled
    Intercollegiate Athletics Filled
    LEARN Center
    UWW LIFE Program Filled
    Non-Traditional Student Office
    Pride Center Stephanie Selvick ( Filled
    Social Work Filled
    Student Diversity, Engagement and Success
    Tutorial Center Office
    Undergraduate Research Office
    University Center Kim Clarksen (
    Warhawk Emergency Fund